Why Tychon Carter-Newman Deserves To Win Big Brother Canada 9

For the final three days of the Big Brother Canada 9 season, we’ll be looking back at the final three players’ games. Because we don’t want to spoil the outcome of the BBCAN9 Power of Veto and eviction vote, we will only be posting the other two finalists’ game analysis after Wednesday’s episode airs. On Thursday’s episode, we witnessed Tychon winning Head of Household and securing his spot in the final three. Therefore, we will discuss Tychon’s game first. 

Tychon has had one of the most interesting roads to the finals. He started the game one way but ended it in a completely different position. He’s also the player who may have the most mixed reaction from the Big Brother Canada 9  jury. Will they respect Tychon’s moves, or will they think he played a little too cutthroat towards the end of Big Brother Canada 9? Let’s look back at some of Tychon’s BBCAN9 game strengths and weaknesses. 

As part of the Big Brother Canada 9 trio, formerly named the Sauce, Jedson, Beth, and he almost seemed like an untouchable, unstoppable force. They made it to the top six players fully in-tact, a very hard thing to accomplish. The players who wanted them out didn’t gain power until the end, and they managed to make themselves important to other houseguests, even those not in the Sunsetters alliance. However, Tychon definitely started to be overshadowed by the showmance of Beth and Jedson. Jedson and Beth pulled closer to each other and left Tychon more on an island. This turned out to be a key part of his endgame. 

Tychon has always had a good social game but with him moving away from the Sauce, he was able to form even closer bonds with those outside the trio, including Breydon and Kiefer. Jedson, and Beth to a lesser degree, were huge players, so him playing such a huge part in their eviction helps his game resume a lot. Tera nominating Jedson means nothing if Tychon and Kiefer didn’t decide to evict him and help plot against him with the Veto decision. 

Tychon cutting Jedson and Beth made him seem like less of a threat because he wasn’t tied to the trio, and it also showed that he was making clear game moves not emotional ones. Tychon was also able to keep himself off the block that week, which was a skill in itself. He also knew that Jedson and Beth were being seen as the players making the moves and the decisions in the trio. As long as Jedson remained in the game, Tychon would be second or even third in everyone’s eyes as a potential winner. 

Some value loyalty and some don’t, so it’s unclear how the jury will take Tychon’s decision to so easily cut his alliance. When they were headed out the door, Tychon also did a very bad job at managing these relationships. Beth will definitely hold a grudge and Jedson might too, once he knows more about what happened that week. In the game of Big Brother, every vote counts, so if he has already lost Jedson and Beth’s votes, then this could mean the difference between a winner and second-place finisher.

Tychon also has the rare honor of never being nominated. That shows his social skills and something that can’t be ignored, especially when he was such a huge target for most of the game because of his association with the trio. Tychon also has competition wins under his belt. He doesn’t have some huge record-breaking number, but he won when he needed to win and some of the most critical wins of the season, this final four Head of Household (HOH), the fake double eviction HOH, and the Power of Veto in the first real double eviction.

Tychon has definitely played far from a perfect game. Before Jedson’s eviction, he definitely acted emotionally and kept Kiefer when Kiefer should have gone home that week, but he used Kiefer being in the game to his advantage. He worked with him to get Jedson out. He should have also probably stuck to his initial plan and evicted Tera at the final five instead of Beth. Tera has the whole underdog, mom thing working for her. If she makes it to the final two, she could easily beat Tychon, but I’m not sure Beth is even close to beating him in a final two scenario between them. 

Tychon played a very good game, but the jury is always hard to predict, so I think whether he wins or loses will all depend on the final HOH and who he takes to the end. 

What do you think we’re Tychon’s game strengths and weaknesses on Big Brother Canada 9?

Tomorrow we’ll be doing the Veto holder after the BBCAN9 episode, and the final player in the BBCAN9 finals on Thursday morning. 

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