Big Brother Canada 9 Spoilers: Who Will Go Home In Week 7?

The entire Big Brother Canada 9 season has involved players making one decision, and then going against it a little later. The last few weeks, we haven’t had many vote flips, but BBCAN9 started with some vote flips and then discussions of some, first with Julie’s eviction, then the almost vote flip against Rohan to save Josh. We also then had that crazy Invisible Head of Household week where Victoria targetted Breydon and Austin instead of the bigger threats. The big game threats have managed to make it pretty far. We saw LaToya go out early, then the Sunsetters dominated the majority of the game. Taking out Rohan and Victoria in the Double Eviction was a pretty big game move for Beth and Kiefer. We expected another big move this week with Jedson as Head of Household. This week, when Jedson nominated Kiefer, we thought the band had finally broken up.

Turns out, not so much. I think most Big Brother Canada 9 fans expected this week to be the end of Kiefer’s game and the death of The Sunsetters. You can’t put up a big threat like Kiefer and not take him out, right? Wrong! Kiefer has managed to convince the trio to keep him in the BBCAN9 game. Kiefer who has won so many competitions and likely has the jury votes will be staying over Tina, who has won 0 competition wins and would have to really convince the jury to give her their votes. It’s pure madness.

Honestly, taking out Kiefer seemed like a bad move from the start, at least for Jedson and Tychon, because he’s so loyal to them. However, they are right to fear facing off against Kiefer in the remaining competitions and against a jury. Once they committed to nominating Kiefer, they should just vote him out, but Kiefer has convinced them that he’ll remain loyal to them. He wants to make it to the final four (as of now) with Tychon, Jedson, and Beth, then have the best player win. He’s convinced he’s the best Big Brother Canada 9 player, and I can’t really argue against him.

He definitely has the odds in his favor to win the game, especially after flipping the vote to save himself this week. Jedson, Tychon, and Beth better hope they get another chance to take out Kiefer, because they may have just given him the game this week. I do think Kiefer plans to be loyal to them until the final four, but he may change his mind as he edges closer to the end and sees all the times they almost got him out. And as predicted, last night and this morning, Kiefer has been discussing targetting the Sunsetters with Tera and Breydon. This could be strategy to play the middle or he could be serious. We won’t know until after tonight (or tomorrow’s) Head of Household competition.

Tychon and Beth plan to vote to evict Tina, Tera will vote against Kiefer, and Breydon’s vote doesn’t matter because if it’s a tie, Jedson will vote in Kiefer’s favor and evict Tina, but Breydon will likely vote with Tychon and Beth. Tina has already accepted her fate and place in the BBCAN9 jury. The trio also feel good about their decision, so I would be shocked if they changed their minds at the last minute. Big Brother Canada 9 is one wild ride and this week may have been one of the wildest so far.

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