Big Brother Canada Canceled After 12 Seasons

Big Brother Canada 12-Avery cries to Matt
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In early June, we reported that Big Brother Canada had been removed from the 2024-2025 lineup. However, an official decision hadn’t been made on the show’s future. It wasn’t looking good. On June 27, 2024, Big Brother Canada made an official statement on their social media platforms.

The statement revealed that the show was officially over. There would not be a Big Brother Canada 13, This news isn’t shocking but disappointing to many fans of the series.  Dedicated fans had even made a petition on to try to save the series. As of June 2024, it received nearly 8,000 signatures

Big Brother Canada has been saved in the past by its passionate and loyal fanbase. Nearly 8,000 signatures is a lot and with the official cancelation, it’s likely to get even more, but would the production company behind the show save it a second time? It doesn’t seem likely at this moment.

Twitter user Big Brother Maple, also reported that Corus Entertainment cited many factors in the decision to cancel the show, including “audience trends, available support from sponsors and advertisers, and production and licensing costs.”

Additionally, the passion that existed when it first got canceled doesn’t seem as strong as it was then, with fans upset by the decision to stop live feeds. The return of Anthony and Victoria also got a lot of backlash for Big Brother Canada 12.

Even with the lack of feeds, Big Brother Canada will be missed. Big Brother Network Canada has been covering the show even before the season 1 premiere, so we’ve been covering it for over a decade.  We will miss the show and all the Big Brother Canada fans. Therefore, this is likely the end of this site as well. It’s been an interesting journey and we’re sad to see it end. And I know this is not the news anyone who worked on the series wanted, so I sympathize with them. It’s a hard day for many.

If anything changes in the future with Big Brother Canada, we will let you know.

Big Brother Canada canceled

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