Big Brother Canada 11 Makes Major Changes To The Live Feeds

Ashleigh is shocked by the returning BBCAN3 HG
Ashleigh is shocked by BBCAN3 – Source: Global

The Big Brother live feeds have been an important part of the Big Brother experience since its creation. It doesn’t feel like the same addictive series without them. Big Brother Canada fans may want to take a seat before continuing to read. In February 2023, the reality TV show released a press release announcing that Big Brother Canada 11 would launch “Digital Dailies.” This is a new way to consume Big Brother Canada 11, one that involves limiting the live feeds access.

According to the release, Digital Dailies are “uncut content from inside the BBCAN house, offering viewers an extended peak into the houseguests’ lives.” These videos will be posted each week on The statement continued by saying that the show is “moving away from the 24/7 live feeds.” 24/7 access will no longer be offered.

To summarize, no more live feeds but viewers will still get to see some things that may not be shown on the show. This is an interesting choice because it very much limits what viewers can see. This will allow the editors and producers to use “uncut” footage in any way they like. This also may limit how much viewers know going into each episode. Basically, we all may have to wait until the episodes to know things like who won HOH, Veto, etc. 

The press release talked about doing this move to protect the mental health of the houseguests and their families and the BBCAN staff. This is understandable because the houseguests may worry about something they say or do on the live feeds going viral in a negative way. However, when you go on a reality TV show, you know that things can go viral in a good or bad way and that’s kind of the risk you take with agreeing to be filmed 24/7. However, the fear of becoming a reality TV show villain is understandable in the world of social media conversations constantly happening and evolving. However, I still don’t think this is a great or best move for the show. It may lead to more speculation than actual facts. 

This change may also make Big Brother Canada 11 coverage a bit difficult, as we’ll have such limited access to the live feeds. Additionally, the press release doesn’t state how many of these Digital Dailies we’ll get a week. This could be a few short clips each day or one hour-long clip every few days. However, on the other hand, this allows more freedom with coverage, because I and others won’t have to stay glued to the feeds to see what happens. But, we also may have nothing to cover and everything will rely heavily on an edited episode. 

We’d assume, and hope, that these uncut feeds will only involve really important conversations or at least fun content. Otherwise, this takes away some of the entertainment and importance of Big Brother Canada. 

What do you think of this change to the Big Brother Canada 11 Live Feeds?

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