Who Won Canada’s Favourite Houseguest On Big Brother Canada 12?

Big Brother Canada 12-jury

Based on previous Big Brother Canada history, Canada’s Favourite winner would likely be a man. Kiefer Collison, Marty Frenette, and Jonathan Leonard are the only three past winners. They are all men. East Coast Canadian players also get a lot of love from the fans. Therefore, Todd seemed like the Big Brother Canada 12’s Favourite Houseguest frontrunner. He also won many of the BBCAN Awards. These wins seemed like a good indicator that he had a lot of support behind him as a liked player.

As someone who monitors social media, I also saw a lot of support and praise for Todd this season, especially as we edged closer to the finale. We ran a poll yesterday to see who received the majority of Canada’s Favourite Houseguest votes. With a small sample size, Todd had nearly 40 percent of the votes.

Bayleigh came in second with a little over 20 percent of the votes. Surprisingly, Anthony came in third with about 10 percent of the votes. This is surprising because I thought Victoria would have been a more popular player than him. He has also received a lot of negative attention from some fans. Victoria, however, also received a lot of negative comments from fans. She also placed in the top five by taking the fourth spot with nearly 10 percent of the votes. Tola was the next highest after Victoria. 

As previously stated, this is a small sample size, so the actual votes may not have reflected the same percentage. However, it did make it appear that Todd or Bayleigh were the players most likely to win Canada’s Favourite Player. Before Bayleigh won Big Brother Canada 12, Arisa Cox announced the winner of Canada’s Favourite Player title and $10,000.

The winner is…Todd!

This surprises no one. Congrats Todd on being voted Canada’s Favourite Player. 

Big Brother Canada 12 Spoilers: Canada Favourite Winner

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