Big Brother Canada 12: Canada’s Favourite Player [POLL]

Big Brother Canada 12 Cast

Since Big Brother Canada 9, Canada has voted for their favourite players. These players walk away with $10,000 and the title of Canada’s favourite player. Over Big Brother Canada’s 12 seasons, there have only been three winners: Kiefer Collison, Marty Frenette, and Jonathan Leonard. On Wednesday, one Big Brother Canada 12 player becomes the fourth person to receive most of Canada’s favourite votes.

The lack of social media engagement has made this an interesting season. Because it is at an all-time low, I can’t confirm the most popular players. Therefore, it seems like anyone can win Canada’s favourite this season. In previous ones, the most popular players were pretty obvious. Additionally, previous seasons had more fan votes. This also allowed us to figure out who Canada was backing as their favourite players.

Bayleigh and Todd have a lot of fan support. Then, at one point, the daily Joker’s Update poll had all the evicted houseguests in the top popularity spots (but that was a very small voters poll)  Many fans were upset by Kayla’s eviction. She seems popular as does Tola. Plus, Anthony and Victoria came into the game with built-in fan bases. It’s unclear whether their fan support has increased or decreased since they reentered the Big Brother Canada game.

Therefore, we would like to see which players our audience is voting for as their favourite players. You can let us know by voting below.  

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Who will earn your Canada’s Favourite Player vote? Additionally, who do you think will win Canada’s favourite houseguest? You can still vote for your favorite player on the official Big Brother Canada site. 

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