Big Brother Canada 12 Photo Gallery [PHOTOS]

Big Brother Canada 12-Avery looks at picture

Big Brother Canada 12 has come to an end. I have already reflected on the season. It was a very interesting, fun season, that was a little stressful but solid in terms of gameplay and entertainment, and it had a completely shocking (but satisfying) finale. As I covered Big Brother Canada all season and watched hours and hours of Digitial Dailies, I also screengrabbed a lot of photos to possibly use later.

I used a very small fraction of what I screengrabbed. Therefore, so they don’t all go to waste, I created a gallery of some of my favorite photos. Most of these screencaps are new images that I haven’t posted in previous articles. However, a few may be repeat images. Some people may not care to view these Big Brother Canada 12 photos. That’s fine if you want to get on with your life and forget BBCAN12. However, for the few who want to take a trip down memory lane: these are for you.

You can view the nearly hundred photos by clicking the images to get a closer look. I also want to thank everyone who read the site during BBCAN12. I know Big Brother Canada has evolved greatly. Many aren’t excited about the changes, especially losing the Live Feeds. However, I appreciate all who continued to read, support, and interact with the site this season and beyond.

Enjoy the photos and we will  (hopefully) see you again for Big Brother Canada 13 (if it returns). You can also use the comment section to share your favorite moments from Big Brother Canada 12. 

Click the images to get a closer look at some of the major moments from BBCAN12

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