Big Brother Canada 12 Finale Recap: And The Winner Is…

Big Brother Canada 12-final 3

After nearly 70 days in the Big Brother Canada 12 house, Bayleigh, Anthony, and Lexus are finally about to leave. One of them leaves with the biggest prize in BBCAN history. The other gets a nice second-place cash prize. The third just gets to join the bitter jury. They could also become a bitter juror or become one of the few not bitter ones. We’re headed towards a very exciting Big Brother Canada 12  finale. 

Tuesday’s episode revealed that Lexus secured the final Power of Veto and her place in the final three. She then voted out Todd. This made Bayleigh, Anthony, and Lexus the final three Big Brother Canada 12 players. The episode ended with the houseguests watching a preview of Inside Out 2. The first part of the final Head of Household would have an Inside Out 2 theme. 

Grab some snacks, and get ready to watch 90 minutes of competitions, jury questions, and speeches. Then either Lexus, Anthony, or Bayleigh becomes the Big Brother Canada 12 winner. 

The episode starts with a recap of the season, with a focus on Bayleigh, Anthony, and Lexus’s games.

BBCAN12 Final Head of Household Competition Part 1

Who automatically advances to Part 3 with this victory? 

The Inside Out 2-themed competition involves the final three running up and down stairs then sliding on a slide and running up to a platform. They must fill several different color tubes with the correctly colored ball. If the wrong color ball lands in a tube, the player must empty all of the tubes and begin again. The first houseguest to complete this competition advances to Part 3.

They must fill 6 tubes with 6 balls, 36 total.

Anthony figures out a method to the madness and completes it first. He’s ahead by a lot when he wins.

Anthony wins Part 1 of the final HOH!

BBCAN12 Final Head of Household Competition Part 2

Who takes the final spot in the last HOH and faces the winner of Part 1?

Lexus and Bayleigh face off in Part 2.

Lexus and Bayleigh must stack answers to questions based on events in the house. They have to answer four questions. They also have to lasso and pull in the boxes with the answers. It’s a combination of knowing trivia, balancing, and a little physical pulling of the boxes. The fastest time wins the second part of the HOH.

Lexus struggles a little more with answering the questions correctly than Bayleigh.  Bayleigh manages to win it by completing it in a little over 10 minutes.

Bayleigh win Part 2 of the final HOH!

BBCAN12 Final Head of Household Competition Part 3

Who will become the final Head of Household of the season? And who will he or she evict? They were asked trivia questions about the jurors and events involving them in the house. 

Question 1-Anthony got it right.

Question 2- They both got it right. 

Question 3- Bayleigh got it right. 

Question 4- They both got it right. 

Question 5- They both got it right.

Question 6- They both got it right. 

Question 7-They both got it right.

It’s a tie. They go to the tiebreaker question. Whoever goes closest to the real question wins. Anthony wins by not going over. He guessed 33 something, Bayleigh guesses 100 something, and the answer is 60-something.

Anthony wins and becomes the final HOH and the first member of the final two. 

Anthony gives a speech about taking someone who he thinks he can beat. He evicts Lexus.

Anthony and Bayleigh are the final two of Big Brother Canada 12. 

The audience is (understandable) shocked by Anthony’s decision to evict Lexus.

The BBCAN12 Jury Roundtable

We saw Kevin Jacobs host the jury roundtable on Tuesday’s episode, so we didn’t see it during tonight’s episode.  

The BBCAN12 Questions and Answers Segment

What will the jury ask the final two houseguests? They teased some brutal questions.

 Elijah asks Bayleigh about her biggest mistake and how she recovered. She said she was too loyal, but corrected by getting out Victoria.

Kayla asks why the jury should trust Anthony. He said he would have been an idiot to go to the end with Hot Chocolate. He said they would have taken him out. He had to make the move that got him to the end.

Bayleigh asks what was a move she made that was only hers. She says creating the relationship with Anthony was a move just for her.  She says taking Todd off the block and naming Victoria as HOH were some important parts of her loyal game, all moves for her.

Tola asks Bayleigh why Anthony should lose. She says she fought harder and played more loyally than him. She said he is a king and she is a queen. The queen has to do more in Chess, and she has to do a lot more than Anthony.

Victoria asks Anthony why should she vote for trash. She also names things he did to betray her in the game. He says the majority of the game they were together. However, he heard she turned her back on him.

Todd asks Anthony which betrayal was the most instrumental in getting him to the end. He says it hurt on a personal level to get out Victoria, but it was important to get him to the end.

Lexus asks Anthony why he evicted her when he preached loyalty. He says he took her out because he thought he could beat Bayleigh and it was his best shot to the end.

BBCAN12 Pre-jury and Post-Votes Conversations 

What will the houseguests discover now that the season has ended?

The first five evicted houseguests come to talk about the game. Donna and Matt both talk about rooting for Bayleigh and Lexus. That’s the only time they had in the finale.

The Final BBCAN12 Votes To Win

Elijah voted for Anthony to win.

Kayla voted for Bayleigh to win.

Avery voted for Bayleigh to win.

Tola voted for Bayleigh to win. 

Victoria voted for Bayleigh to win.

Todd voted for Bayleigh to win.

Lexus voted for Bayleigh to win.

Bayleigh won Big Brother Canada 12, 6-1. 

BBCAN12 Canada’s Favourite Houseguest Results

Who did Canada vote as their favourite houseguest?

As predicted, Todd won the Canada’s Favourite vote.

Are you happy with tonight’s results? What did you think of Big Brother Canada 12 overall? Let us know in the comment section.

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