Who Should Win Big Brother Canada 12? [POLL]

Big Brother Canada 12-Lexus, Anthony, and Bayleigh

We told you who we think will win Big Brother Canada 12, now we want to know who you think SHOULD win Big Brother Canada 12. There is a valid argument for each of the final three players. Lexus played a passive game but she helped execute one of the biggest moves of the season: ensuring Victoria and Avery turned on Kayla. She also wasn’t as protected as Anthony and Bayleigh, because Matt, Tola, and Anthony were her only real allies. Anthony had the most control of the game from the beginning. However, his threat level could have sent him out of the Big Brother Canada 12 house early. He used his social game to maneuver his way further. Bayleigh was a potential target at the beginning but shifted her game when necessary. This allowed her to build alliances and become someone most players wanted to go far. 

She had a lot of agency by helping influence Victoria and making sure she got her way throughout Big Brother Canada 12. No one is out of the realm of possibilities of becoming the Big Brother Canada 12 winner. It depends on who the jury decides to reward and why they reward them. Tuesday’s episode showed that the jury is about to be bitter with a big B. 

This means that Anthony and Lexus should be especially worried going into the Big Brother Canada 12 finale. The jury doesn’t seem to respect Lexus’s game, and they think Anthony betrayed most of them. Bayleigh is currently the favorite to win the season. However, things can change if she doesn’t make it to the final two, or if the other houseguests win over the jury with their speeches and answers.

If you’ve watched all season long, let us know by voting in our poll who you think should and will win the season. You can also comment below to explain your answer.

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