Big Brother Canada Not Returning For 2024-2025 TV Schedule

Big Brother Canada 12-Lexus, Victoria, and Kayla
(c) Global TV

Big Brother Canada has been put on hiatus. This means we will not see it in 2025, and Global TV could remove it permanently from their TV schedule. Brioux.TV reported that Corus Entertainment’s Media Upfront revealed that Big Brother Canada had been put on a hiatus but made no decision yet on whether to cancel the series permanently.

Troy Reeb, vice president of Corus Entertainment cited the Big Brother Canada 12 low ratings as the main decision to omit the series from the 2024/2025 TV schedule. If Big Brother Canada is ultimately canceled this will be the second time. The show originally got canceled in 2017 after Big Brother Canada 5 aired, but fan support helped reverse the decision. However, if it’s canceled this time, this may be the end of the Canadian version of the show.

Fans have been upset since the series decided to stop Live Feeds and replace them with Digitial Dailies. This has led to a major decline in social media engagement. Additionally, there was clear outrage at the return of Victoria and Anthony for Big Brother Canada 12.  

The fan support has been steadily declining, so the ratings not making standards doesn’t shock. It’s just unfortunate for those who still enjoyed the show. We’ll continue to update you on any news on the status of Big Brother Canada. However, we, unfortunately, won’t have anything to cover if the series does get canceled. And that means no Big Brother Canada coverage in 2025 for sure, unless Corus Entertainment changes its mind on airing this series, which doesn’t seem likely, or decides to air it later in the year. 

For now, we have to wait and see. 

How do you feel about Big Brother Canada’s hiatus? Are you hoping it returns for another season, or are you okay with the show ending at Big Brother Canada 12?

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