Big Brother Canada 12: Rumored Mystery Houseguests

The Big Brother Canada 12 cast has been announced…well almost all of the houseguests. However, we know that there are at least two unknown houseguests. Two returning players are entering the house this season. We will see them on premiere night.

BBCAN12 host and producer Arisa Cox conducted a few interviews this week and shared some teasers about the returning players. She first clarified that these are players and not coaches. 

They are entering the game to play and try to win $200,000 in cash and prizes. She also shared in her Global TV interview that fans of the show will be very excited to see these two players play again. Arisa’s quote is as follows:

They will be playing and I can tell you that. I don’t think there’s a person on the planet who’s seen Big Brother who won’t be excited by the two [who] have been chosen to play this year. That’s what I will say.

She didn’t say much more than that about the mystery houseguests. However, ever since the announcement of the Big Brother Canada 12 houseguests, fans have been trying to guess the returning houseguests. A lot of names have been floating around, but the ones that seem to have the most traction are Big Brother Canada 9’s Victoria “Spicy V” Woghiren and Big Brother Canada 7’s Anthony Douglas. 


I couldn’t find concrete evidence to support these rumored returning houseguests. Also, the alleged source post has seemingly been deleted. Therefore, there is very little information to support this rumor but because it’s the most popular right now, we’ll see if it’s proven true or just fan wishful thinking.

Tomorrow, we will know for sure if Anthony and Victoria return to the game or if it’s two completely different houseguests. Either way, I am excited to see who returns for Big Brother Canada 12.

Do you think Anthony and Victoria are the returning houseguests? Who do you want to see return to the game? And have you heard any rumored names? Let us know it all in the comments. 

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