Big Brother Canada 12: Major Houseguest Change

In a little over 24 hours, Big Brother Canada returns for its 12th season. We don’t have to worry much about losing sleep because the Digital Dailies will only occupy a short bit of our day (hopefully). However, we will still have Big Brother Canada 12 on our brains 24/7. Before we can worry about the Digital Dailies and all things BBCAN12, we have major cast news.: A houseguest has been replaced.  

Last Friday, Big Brother Canada announced on their official social media pages that Tola Eam would now enter the BBCAN12 house.  Tola is replacing Ibrahim Appiah, who was previously announced as a Big Brother Canada houseguest last week. The popular reality TV show offered no further details about the casting change. In the recent past, some reasons behind a change in houseguest include details coming out about a cast member’s controversial past, them testing positive for COVID, or not disclosing plans to appear on another reality TV show.

We don’t know why Ibrahim was removed from the cast or why he left. And we may never know. However, we hope that whatever caused his departure isn’t devastating or damaging.

The Big Brother Canada 12 official site now includes more information about Tola. Tola is 40, from Ottawa, and a Fiber Optic Technician. Tola continues the older cast pattern. We’re excited to see him play.


Age 40

Hometown Ottawa, Ont.

Occupation Fiber Optic Technician

Are you excited to see Tola in the Big Brother Canada 12 house?

Join us tomorrow when we officially meet the entire Big Brother Canada 12 cast. BBCAN12 premieres on Global TV at 7 pm EST.