Was Big Brother Canada 12 A Good Season?

Big Brother Canada 12-Bayleigh wins BBCAN12

Big Brother Canada 12 ended last night with Bayleigh winning the season. It was a very shocking, entertaining, and satisfying conclusion to BBCAN12.  Now that the season has come to an end, let’s discuss whether this was a good, bad, or meh season overall. I wrote a similar article for Big Brother Canada 10 to reflect on that season. I am doing the same for Big Brother Canada 12 because I have seen negative reactions to it. Despite some hyperbole, BBCAN12 is far from the worst season of the hit reality TV show.

It has many positive attributes and a few negative ones. Let’s objectively look back at Big Brother Canada 12 and discuss it. 

The Digitial Dailies definitely soured Big Brother Canada in general. It has become a very hard show to cover with limited access to exclusive content. Therefore, Big Brother Canada 12 (like 11) automatically loses points just for existing in the post-Live Feeds world.  Now in terms of houseguests. The season started very strong with the newbie houseguests pledging to evict the returning players.

This made us excited about them. They seemed wise enough to do what needed to be done: evict the returning players. Then they didn’t do it. This made us question the game prowess and intellect of the new players. They all seemed like sheep to Anthony and Victoria. This made it not fun to watch at the start. It became a little too predictable. However, if you were a huge Victoria and Anthony fan, you loved how they controlled the game.

Even if you didn’t like them, on a pure game level, you had to respect and admire the ease at which they took over the game. Big Brother Canada 12 was set for a Victoria versus Anthony showdown. Bayleigh beating the odds and winning the season makes her win even greater. BBCAN12 was always Anthony’s or Victoria’s to win, or in this case, lose. 

Big Brother Canada 12-Victoria and Anthony

Victoria and Anthony are also very entertaining players. Therefore, they brought entertainment and chaos. Chaotic is really the best adjective to describe the season, especially with Victoria being such a main part. It seems like it’s been forever since we’ve had a BBCAN feud. Yes, Kuzie and Zach from Big Brother Canada 11 gave us feuding and drama.

However, Anthony and Victoria’s feud seems to cut deep. It will probably be a while, if ever, they become friends again. He hugged her after leaving the Big Brother Canada 12 house. However, she called him trash during the finale and said her vote was for revenge. I don’t think the damage to their friendship will be repaired overnight.  The dominance of Anthony and Victoria made it hard to get to know the other players. We also don’t know how they are as players because most seemed so misted by Anthony and Victoria. They made moves that didn’t benefit them because of Anthony and Victoria. 

We will always know Big Brother Canada 12 as the Anthony, Victoria, and Bayleigh season (with her winning it). The season was very entertaining with insane gameplay. Vivek betraying Dinis will go down as one of the dumbest and most shocking moves of the series. 

Then Victoria and Avery taking out Kayla isn’t that far behind in the bad move hall of fame. Anthony taking Bayleigh to the end instead of Lexus is also a pretty bad move. Despite us not seeing much of the players’ personalities beyond their gameplay, the show managed to have a few fun characters. Canada’s Favourite Player Todd was really fun to watch. His goofy persona made him one of the best Canada’s Favourite Player winners.

Bayleigh’s sporadic and anxious gameplay also made for fun viewing. We also watched her game journey and she definitely deserved to win Big Brother Canada 12. As already stated, Victoria and Anthony know how to make good TV. We also love blindsides, and we had like three in a row (if you count Vivek’s blindside with the Executive Veto). Then Matt’s eviction wasn’t a blindside but it was close to being one.

Big Brother Canada 12 Week 10 Head of Household Spoilers-Bayleigh

The season could be frustrating at times (how could they let Victoria and Anthony get that far?!) but it was never boring. 

The Anthony versus Victoria war remained exciting all season, but if you didn’t like either player, it makes sense to not rate this season highly. I wouldn’t call this a favorite season but I do think it was a lot better than people want to believe.

Also, feel free to let us know in the comment section how you view Big Brother Canada 12. Was it a top-tier season? A bottom-tier one? Just okay? Fantastic? Terrible? Let us know. We also want to thank all of you who joined us all Big Brother Canada 12. We appreciate your support by continuing to read, engage, and share our content. 

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