Big Brother Canada 10: Was It A Good Season?

Kevin Jacobs and Arisa Cox in Big Brother Canada 10Big Brother Canada 10 was the tenth anniversary of the series. Making it to ten seasons is a big milestone for any show, especially one that was brought back from cancellation. There has been a lot of chatter on the web about whether this season sucked, was great, or just okay. 

How you feel about the season is very subjective to what you find entertaining or care about in the game of Big Brother. Big Brother Canada 10 was not one of my favorite seasons, but if I take personal opinions away, do I think this was a good season?

Yes, perhaps it was even a great season. Let’s examine why.

Big Brother Canada 10 remained hard to predict in every element of the game. I completely expected the Savage Seven to dominate the game. As a player who entered the game with a lot of support pre-season, I also expected Kyle Moore 2.0 to go far. He not only didn’t go far, but he took the Savage Seven with him.

Kevin Jacobs talked a big game in the Diary Room during the first week, but I didn’t believe for one second that he would be able to play the game he set out to play. Not only did he accomplish what he said he would but he controlled most of the game. Whether he won or lost, he made a big mark in Big Brother Canada history, and some could even argue that he’s one of the best BBCAN puppetmasters to ever play. 

After the Savage Seven died, no true big alliance became the major force in the game. Instead, two unlikely players, Kevin and Haleena Gill, grabbed hold of the game and never let it go.

Josh Nash was such a main character all season that he is also a player that is hard to forget. First, he was the underdog, then part of the most critical game trio with Kevin and Haleena, then he became the villain when he turned against Summer Sayles and Betty Yirsaw (at least to fans of those players). Then he became the frontrunner to win the game. 

Kevin, Haleena, and Josh were interesting characters, but the season was full of them. There wasn’t a boring character in the whole cast. The season had plenty of familiar game staples, such as showmances, betrayal, underdog victories, and lots of drama.

Big Brother Canada introduced the twist of the HOH not being able to play in the Veto in Big Brother Canada 7 but this is the first season where it actually added some excitement to the game. It allowed for the Veto to change the nominations eight out of the ten Power of Veto Ceremonies. This has to be a new Big Brother record. 

This also meant that the initial target was saved from eviction several times. This kept the houseguests on their feet. We had lots of great game moves and some really messy gameplay.

No one will ever forget the Red Gummy Bear of death. An equal amount of messy and strategic moves allowed the season to please both viewers who wanted entertainment and those who wanted strategy. 

The twists and game changes worked in many ways, which sometimes doesn’t happen in a Big Brother season. For example, the Chain of Safety eviction had us on the edge of our couches all during the episode.

As the tenth season, Big Brother Canada 10 had just the right amount of tributes to the previous seasons. We saw past houseguests, return of competition favorites, and plenty of nods to the past. This was a good way to celebrate Big Brother Canada, and hopefully, lead us into the next chapter of the show.

Big Brother Canada 10 was a wild ride, but one worth taking. It made me even more excited to (hopefully) return here next season.

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