Big Brother Canada 10 Finale Recap: The Winner Is…

Well ladies, gentlemen, and everyone else, we have made it to the Big Brother Canada 10 finale. By the end of the two-hour broadcast, either Josh Nash, Betty Yirsaw, or Kevin Jacobs will be crowned the winner of BBCAN10.

It’s been a crazy season with lots of ups and downs, but tonight it all comes down to a few more competitions and who gets the votes to win the game. Tonight’s Big Brother Canada episode has a lot to do before we get to those final two seats, so let’s get into our final Big Brother Canada 10 recap.

The episode starts with a long recap of the season, especially in terms of Kevin, Betty, and Josh’s games.

BBCAN10 Final Head of Household Competition Part 1

Who will win part one and guarantee themselves a spot in part three?

For the first part of the HOH, they must carry balanced stacks to certain areas of a room and then pick up more stacks. If they drop their stacks, they Hey  must start over. They needs to get all 26 stacks across and placed to win.

The bouseguests constantly drop them until Kevin finally stacks all 26.

Kevin wins the first part of the HOH!

BBCAN10 Final Head of Household Competition Part 2

Now that a part one winner has been named, who will make it to part 3 between the remaining players?

Betty and Josh must face off. They had to answer questions about events that happened throughout the game by throwing sacks at the correct numbers.

Josh struggles on a question about days.

Betty really struggles in the competition. She gets some wrong and struggles to hit her marks. She then gets in a rhythm.

Betty finishes in 2 hours 2 minutes.

Josh finishes in 34 minutes.

Josh wins the second part of the HoH!

BBCAN10 Final Head of Household Competition Part 3

Who will win part 3 and take the final HOH crown? Who will he evict?

Josh and Kevin face off in the final part of the HOH. They must answer A or B questions about the jurors.

Question #1- Josh is correct.

Question #2- Both are correct.

Question #3- Both are correct.

Question #4- Kevin gets a point.

Question 5- Both get a point.

Question #6- Both get a point.

Question 7- Both get a point.

It goes to the time breaker questions.

Question #8- Both get a point.

It goes to another tie breaker question.

Josh wins the final HOH!

Josh decides to evict Betty.

Josh and Kevin are in the final two.

The BBCAN10 Jury Segment

Will this jury be bitter? And how will they feel seeing the fourth-place finisher?

Kiefer Collison from Big Brother Canada 9 hosts the jury roundtable.

The houseguests celebrate when they see Haleena join the jury.

The jury says that Betty’s game was hard to read. Haleena tells the houseguests that he is a mastermind. Everyone raises their hands about Josh being an alliance with them. They praise his social game.

BBCAN10 Questions And Answers And The Final Pleas

Is there anything the houseguests can say to change the jury’s mind?

Hermon asks for his game defining move.

Moose asks about him being aligned to everyone.

Gino asks why Josh was the better move for his game.

Summer asks why he blindsided her.

Marty asked if he would have still used Veto on Josh.

Jacey-Lynne asks if appearing to be weak was part of his strategy.

Josh says all the communities he represents and wanting to represent this season as a winner.

Kevin gives a passionate speech calling out each player and summarizing his game.

BBCAN10 Final Vote

Hermon votes Kevin to win

Moose votes Kevin to win

Gino votes Kevin to win

Marty votes Kevin to win

Summer votes Kevin to win

Jacey-Lynne votes Kevin to win

Haleena votes Kevin to win

Betty votes Josh to win

Canada votes Kevin to win

Kevin is the Big Brother Canada 10 Winner!

BBCAN10 Canada’s Favourite Vote

Who will Canada vote for this season? Is it who you voted for?

Marty won Canada’s favourite houseguest.

Random Notes

  • The first six eliminated houseguests return actually in studio.
  • A segment on the biggest secrets from the season, including Secret Veto, Steph’s blindside, Gino’s almost eviction,  Summer lying on Jess, Kevin pretending to be married, and Josh being a doctor.

Thank you to everyone who joined us all BBCAN10, especially those who shared, commented, and interacted with us all season. We still have some post-finale content coming up, so make sure to return for that. If not, we’ll see you next season for BBCAN11 (if it’s renewed). Also, make sure to keep updated on all things BBCAN by downloading our app and adding us on Facebook and Twitter!