Who Are You Voting Big Brother Canada 10’s Canada’s Favourite Houseguest? [POLL]

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The Big Brother Canada 10 Canada’s favourite votes is heating up. Tomorrow, voting ends, so these are the final hours to make a decision and have your vote heard. It’s hard to tell who will win this year’s Canada’s Favourite vote because, unlike in previous seasons, there isn’t a clear favourite.


At the start of the season, Martin “Marty” Frenette won safety when he didn’t need it in week four. Then Summer Sayles won safety when she kind of did need it. This made it possible for Marty to, unbeknownst to himself, evict Steven “Gino” Giannopoulos. 

Betty Yirsaw dominated the Big Brother Canada awards. This likely means that she’s popular to some degree. Jacey-Lynne Graham gained some hardcore fans during her final days as the best shot to take out the Ghosts. She also has some dedicated fans.

Kevin Jacobs also has many supporters. Basically, anyone could end up winning this year’s Canada’s Favourite Vote, which is why we want to know which houseguest or houseguests got your vote. Vote in the poll below to let us know. You can vote for multiple houseguests, so if you voted for a different houseguest a day, we’d like to know.

The polls for Canada’s Favourite Houseguest close on Wednesday, May 4 at 12:00pm EST. Cast your vote on the official BBCAN10 website.

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