Big Brother Canada 10 Episode 27 Recap: The First Person in the Final 3 is…

BBCAN-The Final Five

Big Brother Canada 10 only has three more episodes left in the season. The one airing currently, the final Power of Veto episode, and the special 2-hour finale. The final days of Big Brother Canada 10 are upon us. We couldn’t be any more excited. For tonight’s episode, we’ll see what happened after Jacey-Lynne Graham’s eviction.

All week, the Ghosts (Helena Gill and Kevin Jacobs debated who should be evicted next. They decided to send Josh Nash out, but after he made some false promises, they changed their mind.

Josh promised the Ghosts that he would throw the final four Head of Household to one of them. He told the viewers this was a lie. We’ll see how it works out for them in this upcoming Head of Household Competition.

The episode should also show the Big Brother Canada awards and who received the most votes from you the viewers. 

Let’s get into all the Big Brother Canada 10 action.

BBCAN10 Week 9 Eviction Fall-0ut

Did Haleena and Kevin make the right decision by keeping Josh over Jacey-Lynne? And why was Jacey-Lynne so angry at Haleena?

The final four celebrate making it. Haleena and Kevin really believe that Josh will throw it to them. Meanwhile, Betty and Josh celebrate cleverly tricking them into keeping him.

BBCAN10 Week 10 Head of Household Results

Who will win HOH between Josh, Kevin, and Haleena? Will Josh throw it?

Along with a Wendy’s breakfast, the houseguests get a look at the HOH Comp. They all practice for a little, but then Josh and Haleena go back to bed. Kevin stays up to practice and try to envision his win.

Houseguests must maneuver an egg ball down a device with numbers to match questions about days.

Question #1-Josh gets a point for being closest to actual answer.

Question #2-Josh gets a point for being closest to actual answer.

Question #3-Kevin gets a point for being closest to actual answer.

Question #4-Josh gets a point.

Question #5-Josh gets a point.

Josh is the new Head of House and in the final three.

Kevin tells Josh that he feels very played. Josh and Haleena sulk about finally getting a taste of their own medicine.

BBCAN10 Canada Awards

You voted. Here’s who won.

Best Slop Meltdown-What Did We Do Now?

Best Celebration-Have-Nots Become Have

Best Blowout-Betty vs Moose

Best Winning Moment-Betty’s POV triumph

Most Jaw Dropping Moment-Kevin’s self-eviction fake out

BBCAN10 Week 10 Nominations

Will we see who the HOH nominates this week or will that happen on Wednesday’s episode?

Josh plans to nominate Betty and Kevin, so that Haleena’s no nominate record stays, but he plans to use it in the finals (if sitting next to her) to prove she never bad to fight for her game life.

Kevin tries to influence Josh’s noms but he admits that he’s been off his game. Josh loves seeing Kevin squirm.

Josh nominates Kevin and Betty for eviction.

Random Notes

  • The red door finally opens and it’s a Wendy’s breakfast.
  • Josh takes Haleena to Wendy to build trust.
  • Josh gets video from runner-ups Sabrina, Kevin, and Breydon

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