Big Brother Canada 10 Spoilers: Week 10 HOH Results

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This is one of the most critical Head of Household Competitions of the season. The player to win this HOH, secures him or herself a spot in the Big Brother Canada 10 final three. Kevin Jacobs and Haleena Gill need this win to increase their odds of both making it to the final three. Kevin needs this win slightly more than Haleena because his competition resume is a little lacking. Competition wins matter to the jury, at least they play an important part in modern Big Brother. 

Haleena needs this win not just to help Kevin and her make it to the end, but it might help her game resume to see her in the front, instead of acting behind the scenes. Josh Nash needs this win because he could flip the game on its head by pumping up his game resume and having the position to try to take out either Kevin or Haleena. It’s also Betty Yirsaw’s best chance of also having a shot at the final three.

Betty is going to be vulnerable this week as the outgoing Head of Household. Luckily for Betty, the Veto is extremely important this week. It may secure someone’s safe, may give them the final vote decision, and it may ensure their place in the final three.

Big Brother Canada once again let live feed watchers go to sleep without any answers. We had to wait until Friday morning to see who won this critical HOH Competition. However, Big Brother played us because the HOH Comp didn’t play out until Friday morning. The feeds have finally returned and we now know who won it between Kevin, Haleena, and Josh.

BBCAN10 Week 10 HOH Results

  • Josh won Head of Household!

The Ghosts are finally getting a bit of their own medicine because Josh tricked them into believing that he would throw the HOH Comp. Josh is likely to nominate Haleena and Kevin for eviction but it all comes down to the Veto.

Join us later to find out who the current HOH decides to nominate. Are you happy with the results?

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