Big Brother Canada 10 Episode 26 Recap: Who Went Home Tonight?

Jacey-Lynne and Josh on BBCAN10It’s the big day as the final five players become the final four. It’s been in the making for eight weeks, but we’re finally here. We’re only a few short competitions and three more evictions away from seeing the final two players.

This Big Brother Canada 10 Live Eviction episode is bound to be full of excitement. Kevin Jacobs and Haleena Gill have a big decision to make. Do they take out a former ally or take out the remaining member of the Big Brother Canada 10 showmance?

We also may see the start of the Big Brother Canada 10 final four Head of Household Competition. Kevin, Haleena, and the person they vote to save will face off for their spot in the final three.

Hopefully, Big Brother Canada 10 fans also finally find out what’s supposed to happen with the voting situation—since an eight-person jury can lead to a tie.

Let’s watch as another Big Brother Canada 10 live eviction takes us one step closer to the finale.

BBCAN10 Week 9 Power of Veto Ceremony Fall-out

Nominations stayed the same, as expected, but both Jacey-Lynne and Josh must have to be feeling a little nervous with Kevin and Haleena controlling the votes.

Kevin and Haleena discuss who to keep this week. Haleena says keeping Jacey-Lynne helps her game and Josh helps his game. In the DR, Kevin says be will sway Haleena to his side of keeping Josh. Josh and Betty discuss trying to make Kevin think that getting rid of Jacey-Lynne is better for his game.

Betty and Josh discuss how manipulative that Kevin is in this game. They’re on to his game and want to try to get him out. Haleena says that Kevin has become like her brother.

Jacey-Lynne doesn’t stop working on Haleena and Kevin’s votes, which seems to work at first. They decide to keep her, but then Josh works on them as well.

Josh lies about throwing the Head of Household to them.

BBCAN10 Week 9 Eviction Votes

Where will Kevin and Haleena’s votes fall this week?

Haleena voted to evict Jacey-Lynne

Kevin voted to evict Jacey-Lynne

Jacey-Lynne is evicted by 2-0.

BBCAN10 Week 10 Head of Household Competition 

Who will win the HOH Competition and secure themselves a place in the final three?

Random Notes

  • Josh and Betty talk about  Kiefer and what he represented for him.
  • The houseguests are called to the phone room to talk to their family members. Jacey-Lynne sees her mother. Jillian’s girlfriend (fake wife) comes to see him.  Haleena’s visit is from her mom. Betty’s boyfriend comes to visit her. Josh’s mom also comes to visit him.
  • The triple eviction victims reunite off stage. Summer snd Marty explain to Gino what happened.
  • Moose and Hermon prepare to celebrate Hermon’s birthday. Then Gino comes in and explains what happened. Followed by Summer and Marty.
  • Moose and Hermon give great reactions to everything that happened.
  • Canada’s favorite voting is now open.

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