Big Brother Canada 10 Spoilers: Week 10 HOH Nominations

Big Brother Canada 6 Live Feeds Nomination Anticipation - Week 6

The Big Brother Canada 10 houseguests are in for an eventful day, as they competed in a Head of Household Competition, made nominations, and will soon start the Power of Veto Competition.

We probably won’t know the winner of the Power of Veto Competition until tomorrow morning. However, we do know who Head of Household Josh Nash nominated. The Ghosts are slowly starting to realize that they may have been the ones played this week.

It first started when Josh won the Head of Household Competition after he promised to throw it. Now Betty Yirsaw and Josh want to continue to play Haleena Gill and Kevin Jacobs. They discussed her going on the block with Kevin.

This makes Kevin and Haleena believe that there is still a chance that Josh wants to take the Crash Test Dummies to the final three. This also makes Haleena happy because she has managed to survive the block all season. It also helps to create the allusion that there is still some tension between Betty and Josh.

As all Big Brother Canada fans know, nominations don’t matter this week. It’s all about the Veto.  Whoever holds the Veto holds the power to determine how the eviction goes. These nominations just may help Josh play Haleena and Kevin as they played him all season.

BBCAN10 Week 10 HOH Nominations

  • Josh nominates Betty and Kevin for eviction.

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