Big Brother Canada 10 Spoilers: Who Did Canada Save with the Eviction Protection Insurance?

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In last Thursday’s Big Brother Canada 10 episode, host Arisa Cox announced that Canada could vote to give one houseguest protection from eviction this week. This put the vote winner one step closer to surviving Thursday’s triple eviction. Viewers had until 2:00 PM EST on Friday to vote for one houseguest to be ineligible for nominations and eviction this week. As the previous protection winnerMartin “Marty” Frenette was ineligible to receive this prize. He also ended up not needing it this week. 

As the current Head of Household,  Marty is consistent in wanting Betty Yirsaw and Josh Nash out, so they were probably the players in most danger of being evicted this week. However, Marty has been fairly unpredictable with who he ends up wanting out after the Power of Veto Ceremony. Every player should want that protection insurance.

As usual, the Big Brother Canada fans were divided. Some wanted to give their votes to Summer Sayles, others wanted to protect Jacey-Lynne Graham and Steven “Gino” Giannopoulos. There was also a push by some to give it to Haleena Gill because Marty was no longer an option to get the safety. Whatever the results, it would be interesting.

So who did Canada vote to give safety this week? Read below to find out

BBCAN10 Eviction Protection Insurance Results

  • Summer won the Eviction Protection Insurance!

Are you happy with the vote results?

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