Big Brother Canada 10 Spoilers: Who Did Canada Make Safe This Week?

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On Thursday’s Big Brother Canada 10 episode,  viewers saw Kyle Moore become the new Head of Household. Host Arisa Cox announced that Kyle was safe this week but he wouldn’t be the only one. Canada could vote to also grant another BBCAN10 houseguest safety. Last night, the fans voted to save someone from going on the block. Tonight, we’ll know the Big Brother Canada i10 spoiler of who Kyle nominates for eviction, but now we know who he can’t put on the block due to Canada’s vote.

As per usual, the fans seem to get behind a couple of players. Many were voting to keep Betty Yirsaw safe because Kyle mentioned nominating her, but he wasn’t sure if she would be his target. Martin “Marty” Frenette was also a popular vote, despite him not being in danger as an ally of Kyle. Some fans were concerned that Kyle would betray the Savage Seven and make a power move against Josh Nash, so some people campaigned to give Josh the votes. It was unclear who would ultimately win Canada’s votes.

BBCAN Week 3 Safe Houseguest

  • Canada voted to make Marty safe.

This means that Kyle cannot nominate Marty for eviction at all this week. Marty wasn’t in danger, so kind of a waste of a vote.

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