Big Brother Canada 10 Spoilers: Week 3 HOH Nominations

Big Brother Canada 10 Kyle Moore

It’s a new Big Brother Canada 10 week, which means there are new people to go up on the block. This week, Kyle Moore is the Head of Household. He has the power to nominate two people from eviction. However, Canada got some power this week as they could vote to keep one player safe from the block. This week’s Big Brother Canada 10 nominations should be interesting with the latest twist.

Kyle talked about nominating Betty Yirsaw and Jessica Gowling. Kyle was heavily leaning towards using this week to take out Jess, but if Jess or Betty won Canada’s vote or Veto, he wasn’t sure who to target. If Kyle stays true to the Savage Seven, then he doesn’t have many nomination options this week.

After some time, Kyle started to change his mind about Jess. He saw them as a potential asset to his game. He put all eyes on Stephanie Paterson. This caused some conflict among the Savage Seven, which made Kyle consider Hermon Nizghi and Moose Bendago. 

Herman managed to stir Kyle away from him as a target. However, Moose wasn’t so lucky. He became a real option if nominations changed or say a Canada’s vote saved Betty or Stephanie. Before nominations, Kyle was fully on board to turn the Savage Seven into the Savage Six by getting out Moose this week.

Marty wasn’t in danger, but he won safety this week.  Kyle decided that Stephanie would be the best option to get out Moose, so he eventually decided to nominate Stephanie and Moose this week.

BBCAN10 Week 3 Nominations

  • Kyle nominated Stephanie and Moose for eviction.

If Moose doesn’t win the Veto, he might be out of the game, unless a new target emerges. Kyle has been playing an erratic game so far, so his target could definitely change. He spoke about nominating Betty and evicting her if Moose wins Veto.

Come back tomorrow to find out who won the Power of Veto competition and whether it could save either of the nominees.

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