Big Brother Canada 10 Spoilers: Week 3 Power of Veto Competition Results

We may have the first Big Brother Canada 2022 week where both Big Brother Canada 10 nominees need the Veto. This week’s Power of Veto Competition is one of the most critical thus far. And now, we know who won it. Make sure to proceed with caution if you don’t want the latest Big Brother Canada 10 spoilers about the Veto.

Head of Household Kyle Moore could learn the hard way that the HOH doesn’t always get his or her way. Kyle took a big swing when he went after his own Savage Seven alliance member Moose Bendago. He may automatically face consequences as members of the Seven are already questioning Kyle and considering taking him out sooner rather than later. They’re also considering not voting out Moose this week.

Nominating Moose next to a juicy target like Stephanie Paterson was a huge error on Kyle’s part, among others. This is already seeming like a week that houseguests will switch back and forth on who they decide to evict. If nominations stay the same, this week could become even messier. The wheel spin resulted in Betty Yirshaw,  Josh Nash, and Steven ‘Gino’ Giannopoulos playing in the Veto competition along with nominees Moose and Stephanie.

All the players selected have no plans on using the Veto if they win it. So it comes down to Stephanie or Moose to save themselves. Did one of them do it?

BBCAN10 Week 3 Power of Veto Competition

  • Moose won the Power of Veto.

This means that Moose will be coming off the block. Kyle’s original plan was to name Betty as his replacement, but Kyle is such a wildcard, so who knows what could happen by Veto. If Betty goes on the block, it doesn’t look good for Stephanie’s game.

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