Big Brother Canada 10 Spoilers: Meet The Savage Seven

Big Brother Canada 10 Savage Seven

It wouldn’t be a Big Brother season without a big alliance forming in the first couple of days. Some Big Brother Canada 10 alliances go-to distance, like the Pretty Boys, and sometimes major alliances turn on each other fairly early in the game, as we saw with The Six. It’s unclear if any of the Big Brother Canada 10 alliances will live in infamy or be considered one of the all-time great alliances.

It’s still too early to call. However, there is one major alliance trying to run the BBCAN10 game, and they’re The Savage Seven.

The Savage Seven seems to have formed during Hermon’s Head of Household reign.  The seven houseguests in it are Hermon, Kyle, Summer, Tynesha, Josh, Gio, and Moose. The Savage Seven is already starting on shaky footing, as there have already been discussions about cutting each other when they make it to the final seven, some personalities aren’t getting along, and fear is already creeping in about the loyalty of certain members.

If you’re already a fan of the Savage Seven, you shouldn’t worry just yet, because this kind of talk happens with most major alliances. We also got a hint of the Savage Seven during Thursday’s eviction episode, when Kyle, Tynesha, and Gio all did the group’s trademark alliance hand motion. 


This week, all members of the Savage Seven seem safe as the current Head of Household hasn’t really mentioned any of them as a real target. We’ll have to see if that changes after the Veto. We will probably also learn more about the Savage Seven on Monday’s BBCAN10 episode. 

Of course, this is the first few weeks of Big Brother Canada, so they’ll be alliances forming left and right, but I think the Savage Seven will be the ones to watch this season, well at least for a couple of weeks. You can check out Hamsterwatch’s tweet for a few of the other many alliances that have already formed:

How are you feeling about the Savage Seven’s chance of longevity?

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