Why Josh Nash Deserves To Win Big Brother Canada 10

Josh Nash BBCAN10It is time for our annual look back at the final three players’ Big Brother Canada game. Every year we discuss the highlights, strengths, weaknesses, and all that jazz associated with what made the player a good Big Brother Canada 10 player, and potential winner, and what may make the jury hesitant to give him or her their votes in the end.

This post will contain some Big Brother Canada 10 spoilers, but only a few about competition wins and where things were looking when the BBCAN10 live feeds went down last Saturday. Right now we only know for sure that Josh Nash made the Big Brother Canada 10 final three. Therefore, we have to wait until Wednesday night and Thursday morning to discuss the other two in the final three, after Wednesday’s episode confirms who else made it along with Josh. 

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s discuss Josh’s Big Brother Canada 10 game.

Josh’s biggest strength is his social ability. He had so many players trusting and believing in him without much evidence to back up their beliefs. The reason Hermon Nizghi and Summer Sayles found themselves so upset with Josh’s betrayal is because they believed he was a close ally. Josh had a secret final two  deal with Hermon and clearly, he was working with Summer to some degree.

Josh Nash and Betty Yirsaw in Big Brother Canada 10

However, at the end of the day, his loyalty was always with the Crash Test Dummies aka Haleena Gill and Kevin Jacobs—Kevin most of all. This loyalty hurt and helped him throughout the game. It helped because Kevin worked his manipulative ways a couple of times to keep Josh in the game.

When Martin “Marty” Frenette was so persistent that he needed to take out Betty Yirsaw or Josh, Kevin flipped Marty into evicting Hermon that week. Haleena and Kevin had Marty so mesmerized that they were able to blindside him and take out Steven “Gino” Giannopoulos

Josh found himself on the block four times throughout Big Brother Canada 10. One of those times Kevin directly saved him with the Power of Veto. This is the one that leads to Hermon’s blindside and eviction. His loyalty to Kevin and Haleena was good for his game in many ways, but it also hurt him.

He often gave too much information to Kevin, who always saw Josh as expendable. This blind loyalty did end up helping him in the final weeks because it’s likely why Kevin and Haleena ultimately believed Josh when he said he’d throw the Head of Household to them.

Josh Nash on Big Brother Canada 10

This lie was probably Josh’s best solo move because it completely shifted the game to an inevitable Ghosts win to it being very likely that neither of them sees the final two chairs. This lie helped Kevin and Haleena make the decision to keep Josh over Jacey-Lynne Graham and helped Josh increase his odds of dominating the final few competitions.

Josh hasn’t been a competition beast, but he’s won some of the most important ones and came really close to winning many others. It’s highly likely that Josh will win the final Head of Household Competition. This would allow him to pick who he wants to sit next to in the finals.

Josh’s final few weeks in the game have made him the front runner going into Thursday’s finale, but it may not be an easy win. Moose Bendago, Summer, and Hermon were not-so team Josh when we saw the jury segment. However, Gino, Marty, and Jacey-Lynne are highly likely to vote for Josh. However, Marty has a close relationship with Haleena. If Kevin is on the jury, he could also sway the jury to vote for Haleena to win. Facing off against Haleena in the finals may present Josh’s biggest obstacle to the crown.

Josh won the final Power of Veto, and before the feeds went down, he told Betty that he would remove her from the block, giving her the final decision on who to evict. She was leaning toward evicting Kevin.

Josh BBCan10

We as viewers know that evicting Kevin is absolutely the right choice, but these houseguests haven’t been making the smartest choices all season. However, let’s assume Kevin was evicted. Kevin would definitely vote for Josh, especially if he’s against Betty in the end.

Kevin also has to respect that Josh was the only player to actually manipulate him. Haleena would also likely respect that Josh played with them throughout Big Brother Canada 10 and now made it to the end. 

Josh may also struggle to really explain what he did strategically before the Crash Test Dummies. It’s his decision to join them that really helped his strategic game. The jury may penalize him for that especially compared to Haleena, who was working behind the scenes with Kevin all season long.

Another thing the jury may be slightly impressed with is how well he lied all season. He kept it from the entire house that he was a doctor. He also used his dazzling smile to give a lot of players a false sense of loyalty and escape eviction, and in the end, remaining semi-loyal to his true closest allies definitely may help his game.

Josh has played a pretty good game, not a perfect Big Brother Canada 10 game, but definitely, one most viewers and players can respect. For an even bigger breakdown of Josh’s game, you can check out Taran Armstrong from Rob Has A Podcast’s Josh’s game recap. 

Join us Wednesday night for another Big Brother Canada 10 recap, and a deeper look at one of the other two final three players’ games. Then join us Thursday morning to look back at the final member of the final three and his or her game. Only a few more days left of BBCAN10, so make sure to add us on Facebook, Twitter, and download our app for all finale and post-finale content.