Big Brother Canada 10 Spoilers: Where Are The Votes Leaning Going Into The Triple Eviction?

Big Brother Canada 10- Kevin and Gino
Screencap by Valerie_Galery

Red Gummy Bears are about to become the stars of Steven “Gino” Giannopoulos‘s nightmares. There have been a lot of bad moves in Big Brother Canada, but Gino’s decision to make himself eligible for nomination may make it into the BBCAN bad moves hall of fame. This also speaks volumes about Kevin Jacobs’s ability to manipulate this game.

He may not be the most charming Big Brother Canada winner, but if he makes it to the end, he deserves his win. This week may prove it. He managed to stay off the block and give Gino, Martin “Marty” Frenette, and Jacey-Lynne Graham a false sense of security.

Now, not only is he planning to vote out Gino, but he’s making sure that Haleena Gill does as well. Summer Sayles and Betty Yirsaw are already voting Gino out, with Jacey-Lynne the only vote on Gino’s side. However, Kevin and Haleena hold the voting power this week. If they decided to vote out Josh, he goes. If they voted out Gino, he goes.

Not only will Kevin be sending Gino out, but he’s been making sure to let Betty, Josh, and Summer know that he’s voting with them, while subtly throwing Haleena under the bus as someone not sure. Therefore, if Summer, Betty, or Josh win HOH, he’s likely safe with them. He also plans to make an excuse for why he betrayed Marty, Gino, and Jacey-Lynne by claiming he wasn’t happy with Marty trying to control him this week.

The only problem with his plan is that Haleena already started to work to cover her own game. She told Jacey-Lynne that she wanted to keep Gino, but Kevin was the one who planned to change his vote and she’s going along with him.

This made Jacey-Lynne madder at Haleena than Kevin, but it sent a red flag to Gino about his potential eviction. Marty also knows but he wants to trust Kevin. Trust that definitely is going to haunt him on Thursday’s episode.

One thing that is sure is that Gino is the first player being evicted at the triple eviction, followed by two other players.

Now who will go in the triple depends on a lot of factors. Marty is highly likely, but he’s also likely to win the Veto and keep himself safe. Jacey-Lynne is also not looking great going into the triple unless she wins Head of Household and/or Veto. Haleena should also be pretty nervous about the triple. Miraculously, Kevin may be one of the safer players going into the triple. Josh has even said he would take out Summer and Betty before Kevin.

It’s going to be a really fun night. So make sure you join us tomorrow at 8:00pm EST for the Big Brother Canada 10 triple eviction.

Who do you think will be heading to the jury house tomorrow?

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