How Does A Big Brother Canada Triple Eviction Work?

Triple Eviction LogoBig Brother Canada triple evictions were first introduced in Big Brother Canada 3. It was something that haunted Kevin Martin, who was one of the first victims of it, for years. History nearly repeated itself in Big Brother Canada 5 when he found himself on the block again during a triple eviction. He saved himself with the Veto and changed his fate. We haven’t seen another Big Brother Canada triple eviction in quite a while. The last one happened in Big Brother Canada 6.

Big Brother Canada 10 plans to bring back the anxiety, excitement, and intensity of a triple eviction. It’s been four Canadian seasons since we’ve last had a triple eviction–the US implemented this style for Celebrity Big Brother and Big Brother: All-Stars but hasn’t used it (yet) in a regular season. Because it’s been a while since we’ve seen a triple eviction, here’s a little refresher.

The First Eviction

The first eviction plays out as normal. The two players nominated give speeches, and then the houseguests vote out one nominee between the two current nominees.

The Second And Third Evictions

The night then plays out like a double eviction, with one a few key changes. After the first player evicted leaves, the remaining players (minus outgoing HOH) play the Head of Household Competition.

The Head of Household then nominates three players for eviction. Then almost all of the houseguests compete for the Power of Veto. The Head of Household is not allowed to play in the Veto Competition (at least they weren’t in previous seasons).

The Veto holder either uses the Veto to save one of the nominees or keeps the nominees the same. Then the remaining three players not on the block (and not HOH) cast their votes on who they want to be saved this week. The two players who receive the least amount of votes to save are evicted from the house. In case of a tie, which has never happened, the Head of Household likely would pick which player to save.

This will take the house down from the final eight players to the final five.

Are you excited for this week’s Big Brother Canada 10 triple eviction?

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