Big Brother Canada 10 Episode 23 Recap: Who Went Home Tonight During The Triple Eviction?

Big Brother Canada 10-Kevin Jacobs

On Wednesday’s Big Brother Canada episodeSteven “Gino” Giannopoulos found himself on the block all because of a red gummy bear. Now he may find himself out the door because of that darn Kevin Jacobs. Kevin has been plotting and scheming all Big Brother Canada 10. If he manages to survive the infamous Big Brother Canada triple eviction, then this may be his finest hour yet.

It could put him in a top Big Brother Canada mastermind spot. But that’s jumping ahead. For now, we’ll watch as either Gino or Josh Nash see their game end tonight. However, they won’t be heading to the Big Brother Canada 10 jury house alone as two other players will join them.

We have a lot to get to tonight, so sit back and relax as we recap the Big Brother Canada 10 triple eviction.

BBCAN10 Week 8 Power of Veto Ceremony Fall-out

The Power of Veto Ceremony starts where it left off. Betty uses the Veto to save herself. Marty names Gino as her replacement.

Gino finds himself on the block all because of Martin “Marty” Frenette‘s decision to not make a decision. Oh and also a red Gummy Bear. Gino has to be a little annoyed by yet again Marty hurting his game.

BBCAN10 Week 8 Eviction Vote

Betty votes to evict Gino

Haleena votes to evict Gino

Jacey-Lynne votes to evict Josh

Kevin votes to evict Gino

Summer votes to evict Gino

Gino is evicted 4-1

Marty and Jacey-Lynne are shocked to see Gino go out. Before he leaves, he calls Haleena, Kevin, and Marty a  3-headed snake.

Arisa informs the houseguests that it’s a triple eviction.

BBCAN10 Week 8.5 Head of Household

The only way to save oneself from this week’s triple eviction is either with a Head of Household victory or a Veto win. Who will make the final five with an HOH win?

The houseguests have to answer A or B about challenges that happened this season.

Round 1-Josh and Jacey-Lynne get points.
Round 2-Everyone but Summer is correct.

Round 3-Josh, Summer, Kevin and Jacey-Lynne get a point.

Round 4-Everyone correct  but Summer.

Round 5-Josh, Summer, Jacey-Lynne and Betty are correct.

Round 6–Josh, Haleena, and Betty get it get correct.

Josh is the new Head of Household!

BBCAN10 Week 8. 5 Nominations

What three players will find themselves on the block this week?

Josh nominates Marty, Jacey-Lynne, and Summer for eviction.

Summer is upset that Josh nominated her and confronts him about lying about not nominating her.

BBCAN10 Week 8.5 Power of Veto Competition

Who will win safety and the Power of Veto?

The houseguests have  to stand on a clock to shift it and get it in a slot. The first houseguest to get all their balls in slots wins Veto.

Jacey-Lynne wins the Veto.

BBCAN10 Week 8.5 Power of Veto Ceremony

Will the Veto be used to save any of the three nominees?

Jacey-Lynne uses Veto on herself. Josh names Betty as her replacement.

BBCAN10 Week 8.5 Eviction

Haleena votes to save Betty.

Jacey-Lynne votes to save Betty.

Kevin votes to save Betty.

Marty and Summer are evicted!

Join us later to find out who won this week’s Head of Household Competition and guaranteed themselves a place in the BBCAN10 final four. Make sure to add us on Twitter and Facebook and download our app for all things Big Brother Canada 10.