Big Brother Canada 10 Spoilers: Week 9 HOH Results

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We’re down to the final five Big Brother Canada 10 players final five players, which means all the remaining players can taste victory. They just need to get two more players out to see finale night, and then one more player to make sure they’re one of the two finalists.

Thursday’s Big Brother Canada 10 episode resulted in a swift change of the final eight players to the final five. Summer Sayles, Martin “Marty” Frenette, and Steven “Gino” Giannopoulos found themselves as victims of the triple eviction. This left Haleena Gill, Kevin Jacobs, Josh Nash, Betty Yirsaw, and Jacey-Lynne Graham as the final five players.

Whoever wins this Head of Household can try to help guarantee the other two players in the final four. This is a critical Veto week because the Veto holder may be able to change the outcome of the week.

So who won this week’s Big Brother Canada 10 Head of Household? Read below to find out.

BBCAN10 Week 9 Head of Household Results

  • Betty won Head of Household!

Betty being Head of Household should be interesting because her own ally Josh just nominated her and risked her game. She could seek revenge, or she could go the easy route and target Jacey-Lynne. However, if she thinks about her long-term game, she should put Kevin and Haleena on the block and try to get one of them out this week. We’ll see tomorrow who she ends up nominating.

Are you happy the Betty won her first Head of Household Competition?

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