Big Brother Canada 10 Spoilers: Week 9 HOH Nominations

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The Big Brother Canada 10 triple eviction claimed three victims on Thursday. Summer Sayles, Martin “Marty” Frenette, and Steven “Gino” Giannopoulos found themselves all taken out of the game with one big swoop.

Summer and Marty fell victim to Josh Nash’s first Head of Household reign. Gino left because Kevin Jacobs and Haleena Gill continued their game of manipulation by giving Gino, Marty, and Jacey-Lynne Graham a false sense of security. By the end of the night, only Betty Yirsaw, Josh, Kevin, Haleena, and Jacey-Lynne remained to compete for $100,000 and other prizes.

Big Brother Canada 10 spoilers ahead. You have been warned.

Betty took the Head of Household victory just when she needed it most. As the new HOH, she should target Kevin and Haleena because they have been doing whatever it takes to win BBCAN. They are the biggest threats to win the game. However, despite the pair just betraying an alliance, Betty is playing this week wrong and will guarantee that they both make it to the final four.

She wants some revenge on Josh for his major betrayal in the triple eviction.

Betty plans to nominate Josh and Jacey-Lynne this week. Haleena and Betty discussed forming an-all girl alliance with Jacey-Lynne, but the plan is to still nominate Jacey-Lynne. Betty is just hoping that Haleena votes out a male player this week.

This will not happen.

Unless Jacey-Lynne wins the Veto, she is leaving the Big Brother Canada 10 game this week. If Jacey-Lynne wins Veto, then Josh is gone.

Fans can already pencil in Betty, Haleena, and Kevin as three of the final four Big Brother Canada 10 players. Fans just have to wait to see if it’s Josh or Jacey-Lynne that joins them. 

BBCAN10 Week 9 Nominations

  • Betty nominated Jacey-Lynne and Josh for eviction.

Are you happy that either Josh or Jacey-Lynne are leaving this week? If you want something different this week, you’re not getting it.

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