Big Brother Canada 10 Episode 22 Recap: The Red Gummy Bear Of Game Death

Big Brother Canada 10-Josh Nash and Betty Yirsaw

When Big Brother Canada 10 ended its Monday episode, Head of Household Martin “Marty” Frenette set his target for a third time on Betty Yirsaw and Josh Nash. This time, he was determined to have one of them leave the Big Brother Canada game. If he could pick, Betty would be out of the game.

Betty also found herself no longer wanting to give Marty any attention, but Josh knew that they had to play the game and that meant kissing a little Head of Household butt.

Tonight, Betty and Josh face off against three other players for the Power of Veto. So far, six out of seven Power of Veto Ceremonies have resulted in a nomination change. This week’s Power of Veto Ceremony could result in taking that record to seven out of eight POV ceremonies.

Tonight’s episode is a big one because it sets the tone for tomorrow’s Big Brother Canada 10 triple eviction.  Grab your snacks or dinner and get ready for an all-new live Big Brother Canada 10 recap.

BBCAN10 Week 8 Nominations Ceremony Fall-out

Betty and Josh knew they were going on the block, but they definitely aren’t excited about it.

In the DR, Kevin says that only Marty is really dedicated to the alliance with Kevin, Haleena, Gino, and Jacey-Lynne because it benefits him.

Betty pumps herself up to win the Veto.

BBCAN10 Week 8 Power of Veto Competiton

Betty and Josh both really need to win this Power of Veto Competiton. Is now the time for one of them to finally pull out a victory?

For this week’s POV, houseguests have to stay in a coffin and try to not move until they get closer to 100 minutes.  They must buzz in as close to 100 (without going over). They can stay in the coffin after the 100 minutes to trick people about their buzz time.

The coffin begins to fill with cold water. The players also hear voice-mail from their love ones.  Summer, Kevin, and Gino are picked to play in this competition alongside nominees Betty and Josh.

Summer is the first one to buzz but stays in to not affect Betty’s counting. The water turns “bloody” and fake guts are poured on them.

Worms are then poured on the houseguests. Summer decides to leave when the worms come out. Josh buzzes next but also stays to throw others off. Betty buzzes next and gets out. Gino buzzes followed by Kevin, but they both stay.





Betty wins the Veto with only 42 seconds over 100 minutes.

Betty celebrates her win. Gino fears that Marty may nominate Jacey-Lynne instead of Haleena and Kevin, so he goesto work to keep her off the block. Haleena then goes to work to protect Kevin. He says that he trusts Haleena the most, and tells her that Kevin may go up.

She convinces him that Kevin wouldn’t flip but Gino or Jacey-Lynne would flip. Kevin swears on his fake marriage that he would vote the way on the way that Marty wants.

BBCAN10 Week 8 Power of Veto Ceremony

Marty gathers Gino, Kevin, Haleena, and Jacey-Lynne to the HOH room. He really believes that they’re all votng out Josh, so it doesn’t matter who will go on the block. Each player swears that they’re voting out Josh. Marty then makes them pick from a bucket of Gummy Bears. Two are yellow and one red. He gives Gino the choice for a gummy to go n to represent him or not. He agrees to it. Kevin adds another Gummy Bear.

They all pick. Gino draws the one red Gummy Bear.

In the DR, Kevin says that his loyalty is to winning the $100,000, so if Marty is offering up Gino, he’s taking the shot. The episode ends before the Power of Veto Ceremony happens. Viewers will have to wait until tomorrow to see who Marty ends up nominating as Betty’s replacement.

Random Notes

  • Kevin is sent on a secret mission. He must find the room that has been open. He meets Marsha the Moose who sends him n a secret mission. He must convince the other houseguests that he’s self-evicting. He has to complete it in 100 minutes.
  • Kevin works first on convincing Josh that he’s leaving. He then works on the rest of the houseguests.
  • Josh says he’ll self-evict before Kevin does, and Betty s confused why everyone is self-evicting.
  • Kevin succeeds in convincing the house, so they win a Sleepover Party.

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