Big Brother Canada 10 Spoilers: Week 8 Power of Veto Competition Results

There is no backdoor plan in place going into this week’s Big Brother Canada 10 Power of Veto Competition. However, the outcome of it could drastically shift this week. Head of Household Martin “Marty” Frenette had his arrow set at two targets: Josh Nash and Betty Yirsaw. The only thing that could maybe result in both of them still being in the game going into Thursday’s Triple Eviction was if four of the five Veto players won this week’s Veto.

Marty already told Kevin Jacobs that he won’t be manipulated this week. He wants Josh or Betty out this week and won’t listen to any other scenarios. Kevin really wants to try to get Jacey-Lynne Graham out this week because he knows Marty won’t take a shot at Steven “Gino” Giannopoulos, especially given their history.

Gino and Jacey-Lynne also used their one ace this week to protect themselves. Jacey-Lynne revealed to Marty that she had the Secret Power of Veto and didn’t use it.

Kevin has already been trying to plant the seeds against Jacey-Lynne, and Jacey-Lynne is already paranoid about Kevin and Marty’s relationship. Marty had the chance to pick her as Houseguest’s choice during the Veto player selection and he chose Kevin over her.

If Kevin wins Veto, he has discussed using the Veto, but not telling Marty until it happens. He hopes this would result in Marty nominating Jacey-Lynne or Gino instead of Haleena Gill. These three will be the only players eligible for nomination because Summer Sayles has Eviction Insurance.

Not only is Kevin secretly planning to use the Veto, but Summer, Betty, and Josh all plan to use the Veto. Summer was also picked to play in the Veto Competition.

Gino was also picked. Therefore, it’s four against one going into this week’s Veto Competition because Gino is the only player who wouldn’t use it.

The odds are on the side of the Veto being used this week. If it is used, then it’ll be interesting to see who Marty decides to nominate. Essentially, he’ll be picking a side between Jacey-Lynne and Gino and Haleena and Kevin.

So who actually holds this week’s POV? Read below to find out.

BBCAN10 Week 8 Power of Veto Competition Results

  • Betty won the Veto!

With Betty as the Veto holder, it will definitely be used. So now we wait to see which side Marty picks and whether Josh escapes eviction yet again.

Are you happy with this week’s Veto results?

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