Big Brother Canada 10 Episode 21 Recap: Stuck In Place

BBCAN10-Marty, Betty, and Haleena in Week 8 HOH CompetitionThursday’s Big Brother Canada 10 episode ended with the houseguests getting ready for an epic Head of Household battle. Moose Bendago had just been evicted, and it was basically the house against Martin “Marty” Frenette as the only player in this week’s Head of Household Competition who had already won the HOH Competition…twice. Jacey-Lynne Graham, Summer Sayles, Haleena Gill, Betty Yirsaw, Josh Nash, and Kevin Jacobs had all not won one single HOH competition.

It was also a very difficult competition as houseguests had to stay in one position in order to win the HOH. The minute it started, Kevin started shaking, so it seemed like he wasn’t about to win the Head of Household Competition. In this Big Brother Canada 10 recap, we’ll see who won the Head of Household Competition and who he or she decided to nominate. 

Get ready for a cold night of Big Brother Canada 10!

BBCAN10 Week 7 Eviction Fall-Out

The house seemed okay with sending Moose to the jury house, but with such a big target gone, who should be worried that they could be next.

Before Moose’s eviction, he tells Marty that Gino was planning to backdoor him. Gino plans to tell Marty before the HOH that Jacey-Lynne that Secret Power of Veto.

He manages to quickly tell Marty (in French) that Jacey-Lynne had the power.


BBCAN10 Week 8 Head of Household Competition

Who can stay in one position the longest to win the Head of Household Competition? This HOH not only saves themselves from eviction but helps determines the first victim of the triple eviction.

Kevin falls off first.

Haleena falls next.

Gino falls asleep because it takes a while for the next person to fall. She falls after 4 hours and 43 minutes.

Summer then falls.

A new rule says they can only use arms and not use wall to support themselves.

Jacey-Lynne and Josh fall next. This leaves Marty and Betty as the final two.

Betty falls after 5 hours and 8 minutes. She starts crying and says that Marty will now put them up.

Marty is the new Head of Household!

Betty is feeling down and even doesn’t want to see his HOH room. Josh tells her that they need to play the game and go sed the room.

Marty tells Gino that Jacey-Lynne and him can kick up their feet this week because he’s not putting them up. Jacey-Lynne knows that’s a bad omen, because whenever Marty says that, someone goes home that wasn’t the initial target.

Marty also tells Gino that Betty is his target and he plans to nominate Josh and her.

BBCAN10 Week 8 Nominations

Which two players will find themselves on the block this week?

During the nomination ceremony, Kevin is called to the DR Room. He returns and reads that Canada saved Summer for the week.

Marty nominates Betty and Josh for eviction.

Random Notes

  • Marty tries to help repair his relationship with Betty, by allowing her and Haleena to have the meal.
  • Big Brother Canada 7 winner Dane Rupert was waiting for Marty at the Wendy’s window.

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