Big Brother Canada 10 Spoilers: Week 8 Power of Veto Ceremony Results

Power of Veto Ceremony Logo BBCAN10

Big Brother Canada 10 has returned to form with the Power of Veto being used this week. We’ve been treated to almost an entire season with the Veto being used to save one of the nominees. Last week, Haleena Gill was the first houseguest to not use the Veto during the Power of Veto Ceremony. This was also only the second time this season that a nominee did not win the Veto.

This Big Brother Canada 10 week has restored the Veto pattern. Nominee Betty Yirsaw won the Power of Veto Competition. Obviously, as the Veto winner, Betty plans to use it to save herself. This means that Head of Household Martin “Marty” Frenette found himself in a very tricky situation. He’s aligned with two powerful duos, Kevin Jacobs and Haleena, and Steven “Gino” Giannopoulos and Jacey-Lynne Graham.

He would have to possibly anger one pair of duos by putting someone on the block. Marty really wants to repair his relationship with Gino after betraying him twice. He also has no clue how close Gino was to backdooring him last week. Therefore, Gino seemed completely out of the running for a potential replacement nominee.

Canada also took Summer Sayles out of the nominee pool by giving her Eviction Protection Insurance. This left Marty with three potential replacement nominees Haleena, Jacey-Lynne, and Kevin. Both Haleena and Jacey-Lynne played a major part in keeping Marty from going home last week. Jacey-Lynne didn’t use her Secret Veto, which also prohibited the backdoor plan and Haleena didn’t use her regular Veto.

This made it easier for Marty to make up his mind about nominating Kevin. He also knew that Josh and Kevin were pretty close and by nominating him, he took away one of Josh’s potential votes to stay.  Josh made it even more obvious of his closeness with Kevin by completely sobbing during Kevin’s secret fake self-eviction mission. 

However, in typical Marty fashion, this morning he woke up with a new plan. He gathered Gino, Haleena, Jacey-Lynne, and Kevin in the HOH room. He said they were a five so it shouldn’t matter who went up. He then made them draw for gummy bears. Marty, however, did give Gino the opportunity to not be in the running for nominations because of their history. Originally, there were only three gummies (two yellows and one red). Gino agreed that he wanted to be an option so a third yellow gummy was added. They all picked.

Gino got the red gummy bear and now became the replacement nominee.

Did the red gummy bear really determine Gino’s fate this Big Brother Canada 10 week? Read below to find out.

BBCAN10 Week 8 Nominations

  • Betty used the Veto to save herself.  Marty nominated Gino as her replacement. 

Currently, Gino should be very afraid. Marty believes that Haleena and Kevin will vote out Josh over Gino, but Kevin could easily use this opportunity to keep an ally and break up the showmance. It may be too tempting of an opportunity to not take. We’ll have to wait to see how this week plays out but neither Gino nor Josh should then think their place in this game is safe this week.

It definitely going to be an interesting week.

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