Big Brother Canada 10 Episode 19 Recap: Secret Powers Unleashed

This week’s Big Brother Canada 10 goal is all about getting Martin “Marty” Frenette out of the game. At least that’s what Head of Household Steven “Gino” Giannopoulos wants. He’s already learning that that may be more complicated than he thinks. It’s no secret that Marty is really good at competitions, so the backdoor is the best way to evict him.

Gino started his plan by nominating Moose Bendago and Summer Sayles for eviction. He also alerted his allies–specifically Jacey-Lynne Graham and Josh Nash–of his plan to try to backdoor Marty this week. Josh is most loyal to Kevin Jacobs and Haleena Gill, so he quickly told Kevin about Gino’s secret plan.

For tonight’s Big Brother Canada 10 episode, we’ll see if Gino can make this backdoor happen. Let’s see if Gino executes his plan.

BBCAN10 Week 7 Nominations Fall-out

Neither Summer nor Moose was happy about being used as a pawn this week. Can Gino escape the nomination ceremony without any bad blood?

Summer is not happy with Gino putting her on the block. Moose talks to Gino about him being on the block. He tells Gino that if he loses him, he loses a number.

BBCAN10 Week 7 Power Of Veto Competition

Big Brother Canada 10 may now have the record of the number of times a Veto has been won by a nominee in a given season. So far, the first five weeks all involved a nominee winning the Veto. Kevin broke this streak when he won the Veto last week instead of nominees Betty Yirsaw and Josh. Will a nominee add to that record this week by winning the Veto?

Moosespinsthe wheel and gets houseguest’s choice. He picks Josh. Summer also gets houseguest’s choice and picks Jacey-Lynne. Gino lands on Haleena.

Houseguests must fill their water blaster jugs then travel on a balancing beam to remove gunk from the teeth. Once they remove all that gunk, they move on yo the part of the competition that involves assembling a puzzle.

The puzzle is a floating tooth.

Haleena wins the Power of Veto!

Haleena and Kevin discuss Moose leaving is better for them, then Marty. Haleena tells Gino that she doesn’t think that it’s good for their game to get rid of Marty this week.

He then discusses with Jacey-Lynne why Haleena not using the Veto is good for their game because he isn’t coming for them and a bigger target then them.

Jacey-Lynne runs to check some new flowers. She gets a phone number. It instructs her how to find three clues to find a secret room.

She has to do this in secret or lose her power.

She finds all three keys then uses the phone for the next step. She gets a riddle. She figures out that the secret power is hidden behind door eleven.

Jacey-Lynne then has a few minutes to assemble a puzzle. With only six seconds left, she wins a Secret Power of Veto.

She can Veto either of the nominees even after the Veto is used. It’s only eligible for this week’s Veto Competition.

Jacey-Lynne asks Gino if keeping Marty is really the best option for them. Since power is secret, she can’t tell him about her power.

BBCAN10 Week 7 Power Of Veto Ceremony

For six straight weeks, the Veto has been used to save an initial nominee. Will this week be any different?

Haleena decides to not use the Veto.

Haleena then gets a letter about the secret Veto.  Moose declares his loyalty to whoever has Veto. Summer says if the winner doesn’t use the Veto, they can kiss her Black ass.

The Veto holder (aka Jacey-Lynne) decides not to stand up and use the Veto.

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