Big Brother Canada 10 Spoilers: Where Are The Votes Leaning In Week 7?

This Big Brother Canada 10 week broke from the form with neither nominee escaping the block. The funny thing is that going into the week, neither of them was the intended target. However, now Summer Sayles or Moose Bendago will join Hermon Nizghi in the Big Brother Canada 10 jury house. Moose has won a Power of Veto Competition and been nominated multiple times and escaped eviction.

This is Summer’s first time on the block and hasn’t won any BBCAN10 competitions. Summer’s lack of competition wins may end up helping her this week. After the Power of Veto Ceremony ended with no one saving them, things weren’t looking good for Moose.

He would be the player going home unless Big Brother sent him a miracle. Summer and Moose have been campaigning hard this week. Moose managed to make a few players question if getting rid of him was really best for their game.

The biggest obstacle to Moose staying is Kevin Jacobs. Kevin knows that Moose would eventually target him, and because of that, he’s not letting anything change. Kevin, Haleena Gill, and Josh Nash are a powerful trio at the moment. Not only is that three votes one way, but Kevin and Haleena both have power over Martin “Marty” Frenette‘s decisions, and Josh can influence Betty Yirsaw. If Moose is able to flip Kevin’s vote, then with that likely comes the flipping of the majority of the BBCAN10 house.

As of now, Moose is likely leaving by a unanimous vote tomorrow. As always, there is quite a bit of time before the next Big Brother Canada 10 eviction, so anything can happen.

Who do you want to leave this Big Brother Canada 10 week? Who do you think will end up going to the jury house tomorrow?

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