Big Brother Canada 10 Episode 18 Recap: HOH Malfunction

Thursday’s Big Brother Canada 10 episode saw Hermon Nizghi become the first member of the jury.  The episode then concluded with a tease about the return of Big Brother Canada’s Buzzkiilled HOH competition. This fan-favorite Head of Household Competition usually has houseguests standing forever as the wait to hit a buzzer.

Those who follow Big Brother Canada 10 spoilers already know that this Head of Household Competition may not have gone as planned. After we see this week’s HOH crowned, we’ll see who he or she decides to nominate for eviction. 

Time for an all-new Big Brother Canada 10 recap. Grab your treats and let’s get ready to recap.

The episode starts with host Arisa Cox addressing how Buzzkilled won’t be showed this evening due to technical difficulties.

BBCAN10 Week 6 Eviction Fall-out

Now that Hermon has entered the jury, do any players regret their decisions?


Immediately, Summer tries to smooth things over with Betty by telling her that she has her back despite theiir issues from last week.

Marty says he didn’t respect Hermon’s game, so he’s not mad about him calling him a snake. He, however, worries that others may take what he said seriously.

The houseguests are put on slop.

BBCAN10 Week 7 Head of Household Results

The houseguests start by playing the Buzzkilled Head of Household Competition. For this competition, the remaining houseguests (minus Marty as outgoing HOH), must stand by a buzzer as Big Brother attempts to entice them with things that may make them leave their buzzer. They’ll then have to be the fastest to hit the buzzer before the timer runs out.

This week’s Head of Household Competition is a before or after question one.

Question #1-Everyone gets it right.

Question #2-Everyone but Haleena and Summer get it right.

The houseguests are tempted with a Have card to get off slop. If you go for slop pass, you can’t score a point. Summer and Jacey-Lynne race for the pass. Summer wins it.

Question #3- Everyone but Jacey-Lynne and Summer get a point.

Question #4-Everyone but Betty and Haleena get a point.

Question #5-Jacey-Lynne, Josh, and Summer score a point.

Question #6-Everyone gets a point but Josh and Betty.

Question #7-Gino, Summer, Betty, and Jacey-Lynne get a point.

Question #8-Everyone but Moose gets a point.

Question #9-Gino gets it right and Jacey-Lynne gets it wrong, so he wins. They were tied by this comp.

Gino is the Head of Household!

The minute Gino won HOH, he set his sights on backdooring Marty this week.

Summer falsely believes that Gino won’t put her up. He later informs her that she’s likely going up. He also tells Moose that he’s not afraid of Summer because she hasn’t won Comps. Gino takes Moose to Wendy’s dinner basically to get inform him of his plan to backdoor Marty.

Moose tries to sway Gino into nominating two players that are not him. Gino also informs Josh of his backdoor plan because he trusts and wants to work with him. Josh then runs this info back to Kevin. Kevin isn’t sure if Gino is lying to Josh, and Josh is his real target. Either way, Kevin knows this week could be bad for him if Josh or Marty is backdoored. He interrogates Gino about the plan but Gino doesn’t give him any info.

Gino also makes Marty believe that they’re cool and nothing suspicious is going on.

BBCAN10 Week 7 Nominations

Who will find themselves on the block this week?

Gino nominates Moose and Summer for eviction.

The plan going into Wednesday’s episode is to still backdoor Marty.

Random Notes

  • Josh says that his allegiance is most towards Haleena and Kevin.
  • Gino admits in the DR that he’s developing real feelings for Jacey-Lynne.

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