Big Brother Canada 10 Spoilers: Week 7 HOH Results

Big Brother Canada 10 is all about Head of Households not really getting their way. The Veto either changes nominees or they are manipulated into changing their target. The Big Brother Canada 10 HOH may not get out their targets, but it does guarantee that they are safe for at least that week.

The Big Brother Canada 10 game has been so unpredictable (thus far) that winning eviction immunity is a greater prize than it has been in past seasons.

The Big Brother Canada 10 jury has started as well, which means that playing it safe is no longer the best move for the long game. Whoever won this week’s Head of Household Competition, we know that they’re at least going to give us an interesting week.

It’s the Buzzkilled Competition where houseguests must hold a button-down. They also will be tempted to move their thumbs from the button. Players will also be eliminated if they’re last to hit the button after a buzzer goes off.

Summer is the first player eliminated by hitting her buzzer last. The first temptation they are given is milk, fudge brownies, cinnamon buns, cheesecake, and cookies. Big Brother put them on slop earlier today, so they were very hungry by the time the Head of Household Competition started. Josh, Moose, and Jacey-Lynne were the only ones to get sweets.

Haleena was the second eliminated by hitting her buzzer last. The game played for about two hours before feeds went down. They stayed down for a while, when they returned, it was a game reset–meaning Summer and Haleena were back in the game. Host Arisa Cox also announced via her social media account that there was a button malfunction.

Not too long after feeds started again, Summer was out first again. Moose and Summer pointed out that their buzzers were still having issues. It resulted in the competition being stopped and reset to play out tomorrow (Friday).

The feeds went down this morning and stayed down for a while, but now they’re back and a new HOH has been crowned!

BBCAN10 Week 7 HOH Results

  • Gino won the Head of Household Competition 

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