Who Won Canada’s Favourite Houseguest On Big Brother Canada 10?

Every year who wins the Big Brother Canada’s favourite houseguest vote is a big deal. It’s mainly so important to fans because it is their way of taking control of the game. They get to show some love to their favourite player.

Like most of Big Brother Canada 10, it’s hard to predict who will win the favourite vote. Martin “Marty” Frenette has had a lot of supporters from the beginning of the game. He lost some but still maintains a pretty strong fan base. Summer Sayles managed to win Canada’s vote for safety, so she has many fans. Both Jacey-Lynne Graham and Steven “Gino” Giannopoulos have gained some dedicated fans, especially in their final few weeks in the house. 

Our own poll showed some surprising results. We expected Marty to dominate this poll, but Gino actually had more votes. Followed by Marty and then even more surprisingly Kevin and Jacey-Lynne behind him. The poll is a small sample size with only nearly 800 votes, so it was unclear if this would represent the actual Canada’s Favourite Houseguest winner. 

As per usual, at the end of the finale episode, host Arisa Cox announced the winner. The winner is…

BBCAN10 Canada’s Favourite Houseguest Winner

  • Marty won Canada’s Favourite Houseguest vote!

Are you happy with who won the Canada’s Favourite Houseguest vote?

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