Who Won Big Brother Canada 10?

After ten long weeks and 60+ days, we now know who won Big Brother Canada 10. It’s been an unpredictable season from the start to the finish. Going into the Big Brother Canada 10 finale, Kevin Jacobs was the slight favourite to win the game. However, there was no guarantee that he would even make it to the end with Josh Nash and Betty Yirsaw having slightly better competition records than him.

The jury also sounded pretty bitter, at least a few of them, so there was really no telling who would win their votes in the end. The final three parts of the final Head of Household Competition could really shift the game in anyone’s favor.

For two hours, we were on the edge of our seats waiting to see whether Kevin, Betty, or Josh would become the winner of Big Brother Canada 10.  We gave a full recap of the Big Brother Canada 10 finale, but if you just want to know who won the game, then continue reading below for the answer.

BBCAN10 Winner Results

  • Kevin won Big Brother Canada 10!

Betty was the only juror to give Josh her vote.

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