Bonus: Why Haleena Gill Deserved To Win Big Brother Canada 10

Haleena Gill Big Brother Canada 10

In another world, Haleena Gill would be dancing her way to the final three. However, a shocking eviction led to Haleena leaving at the final four. Haleena played an interesting game, and I believe that if she made it to the final three, it would have made the end game even more fascinating to watch.

Since, I had this written prior to her eviction, why not look at Haleena’s game and what could have been if she had made it to the final three.

We’ve already discussed Josh Nash, Kevin Jacobs, and Betty Yirsaw’s games, so now is the time to take a look back at Haleena’s game. She would have been the final member of the Ghosts alliance if Betty kept her this week. In many ways, the Ghosts were the main characters of Big Brother Canada 10–especially Kevin.

It has been Kevin’s season to win or lose.  Kevin’s exit would have left the game wide open for a new winner to emerge. As Kevin’s partner-in-crime, Haleena should have reaped the benefits of their very dominating game strategy.

However, perception is the key here. The jury may have perceived Haleena as an equal partner to Kevin or as his sidekick. Haleena had a much bigger role than many would like to give her credit for, as she was able to build relationships that helped her stay off the block all season. She was also savvy enough to know that working closely with Kevin and making him her number one ally was best for her game.

Kevin and Haleena BBCAN10
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Similar to Josh, in the beginning, many had the false impression that Haleena was someone that they could trust and depend on in the game. She was only loyal to Kevin most of all. Also, once again similar to Josh, she let him know way too much. Unlike he did with Josh, Kevin used this info not to hurt Haleena’s game but for them to be able to use it when necessary against other players.

Despite players overall feeling like they could trust Haleena, she never really formed any large alliances, at least not strong ones. She was in the Mandem alliance with Betty, Summer Sayles,  and Tynesha White. Then later she formed the Five alliance with Kevin, Jacey-Lynne Graham, Martin “Marty” Frenette, and Steven “Gino” Giannopoulos, but the loyalty clearly wasn’t there, especially when Kevin and Haleena voted out Gino.

Haleena’s strongest alliances outside her one with Kevin were with Marty and Josh. Josh was always closer with Kevin and that bond likely wouldn’t exist without Kevin. Marty, however, trusted Haleena a lot more than Kevin. They had a final two deal. 


Jacey-Lynne also trusted Haleena (to a degree) and definitely trusted her a lot more than she trusted Kevin, which is why she was so pissed when Haleena again betrayed her. Haleena had good game instincts (as pointed out on Rob Has a Podcast), which is why she knew keeping Jacey-Lynne was better for her game.

If she had stuck with her initial decision about keeping Jacey-Lynne, then Josh goes that week and the Ghosts may have had a better chance to make it to the final two. However, who really knows if Jacey-Lynne wouldn’t have won this HOH and Veto, and then put them in the same position they are in the final four. If this happens, Kevin still likely goes, and Haleena’s odds of making the final two increase.

Haleena letting Kevin ultimately decide who they evicted at the final five emphasizes a major flaw in Haleena’s game: She let Kevin control their game too much. The jury may see Kevin as the mastermind. Haleena is the person he decided to make his second. It could not be a collaborative partnership in the eyes of many jurors, and moves like keeping Josh over Jacey-Lynne can easily be cited to enforce the narrative that Haleena was just Kevin’s sidekick.

Haleena Big Brother Canada 10

Haleena’s lack of nominations is also a tricky part of her game. Some may see it as Haleena had positioned herself so well in the house that she never went on the block. Others may see it as Haleena wasn’t seen as a threat, so she never went on the block. Josh cleverly also mentioned it as a flaw in her game because he can say she didn’t have to fight for her game life.

Betty and he both had to fight their way off the block, or out of the eviction conversation several times and succeeded. Haleena also was never in a direct position of power as Head of Household (unless she wins the final 3 HOH). She is also the only Veto holder who didn’t use it. She also didn’t use it twice.

This was because using it had no benefit to her game, and one time if she used it, it hurt her game, but this could also be seen as her taking a passive role in Big Brother Canada 10.

If Haleena wins the final HOH and takes Betty, then Haleena may shift the jurors’ opinion of her. She also has Kevin and likely Marty praising her game. She was just as manipulative as Kevin, but where others may respect Kevin’s game, players like Jacey-Lynne may be annoyed at how Haleena played.


Haleena would have been more of the wildcard going into the Big Brother Canada 10 finale. Whether she won or lost was less about what she actually did in the game and more about how the jurors interpret her moves. Does the jury see Haleena as just as proactive in controlling the game as Kevin or do they see her as someone Kevin brought along for the ride?

That’s it for the final four players. Are you sad that Haleena didn’t make it to the end?

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