Big Brother Canada 11 Spoilers: Will Zach Be Backdoored This Week?

Big Brother Canada 11 Live Feeds (3/26/26)

I will start this Big Brother Canada 11 spoilers post with a complaint about how it is inconvenient and difficult to understand what’s going on in the Big Brother Canada house without the Live Feeds. Even with the episodes and the Digital Dailies, we miss so much of the gameplay. This once again comes into play during today’s Digitial Dailies. We see that the Head of Household has completely changed her mind about the targets, but we don’t know exactly what events transpired to cause this shift. 

On the last Big Brother Canada Digital Dailies, things weren’t looking great for Santina but Ty really wanted to keep her in the house for his game. It looks like he’ll get his wish but it may result in the sacrifice of another ally. 

Despite Zach rubbing a lot of people the wrong way, he has kept a close eye on Kuzie and worked on building a relationship with her in the game. It looked like this was going to benefit him this week with her being the Head of Household. However, this doesn’t seem to be true. Kuzie now is torn between taking out Zach or Dan. Kuzie wants Zach out because she knows that he’s trying to control the house but she also doesn’t like how he’s running the game.  

She mentions that he’s trying to use Daniel by flirting with him and tricking Daniel into having feelings for Zach. She doesn’t like that type of manipulation. Additionally, Kuzie doesn’t appreciate the way Zach speaks to people and tries to get everyone to play his game and target who he wants out.

Big Brother Canada 11 Live Feeds (3/26/26)

Daniel and Anika know that Kuzie wants to target Zach this week, and Anika is on-board with it for the most part, but Daniel has developed some sort of feelings for Zach, because he was very upset that Zach may go. He wanted either Ty to go or Santina. He doesn’t like how everyone is treating him like he can’t think for himself with Zach, and he believes that Zach benefits his game.

Kuzie told Anika that even if taking out Ty is the better move, she respects his game more. She doesn’t respect Zach’s game. If she has to lose, she rather loses to Ty than Zach. Kuzie also makes it known to Anika to not blindly trust Ty. She reveals that Ty has mentioned putting up Anika as a pawn or a target.

Kuzie respects Ty so much that she reveals to him that either Dan or Zach will be the replacement nominee. Zach and Ty want the replacement nominee to be Renee. They also want to use this week to get Renee out of the game. Therefore, Ty tries to convince Kuzie that taking her out is a better move than getting out Dan or Zach. He thinks that Kuzie won’t have the numbers to evict Dan. However, Kuzie is more focused on the idea of getting out Zach, and she believes that she has the numbers to make this happen. Ty also doesn’t think he can work with Renee. He thinks eliminating her causes the least waves in the house.  

Ty and Kuzie go back and forth on the taking out Renee vs Zach or Dan debate. Kuzie sees Renee as a potential asset but doesn’t see that with Zach or Dan. Ty gets a bit pushy with his campaigning for Renee to go, which causes Kuzie to get upset. The debate gets moderately heated, but neither changes their mind. Kuzie also just doesn’t see taking out Renee as a big move. She wants to have a good, strong resume move and not a weak one like taking out Renee. 

Big Brother Canada 11 Live Feeds (3/26/26)

Obviously, Kuzie makes a mistake by telling Ty that Zach or Dan may be the target because he almost immediately runs to tell Zach. First, he tries to get the Power of Veto holder Hope to say he wants to go. He asks Hope when he wants to leave the game, and then Hope gives a sort-of speech about wanting to play and play for them. You can tell Ty was hoping that Hope would say he wanted to go, so he could tell Hope to not use the Veto. Then they could just vote out Hope and keep his buddy Zach safe.

Because Hope didn’t say this, Ty then suggested that he may need him to use the Veto on Santina this week. Hope jokes that just when he decides to stay, he says something like this. Hope seems to be playing recklessly, so I wouldn’t be shocked if he doesn’t use the Veto or does use it on Santina.

Earlier, Hope confessed to Renee that he was one of Roberto’s other votes to stay, but only did it as a sympathy vote. They’re still unsure about the fourth vote. They also discuss the fact that Ty and Zach already know he was the other Rob vote. Kuzie apparently knows as well because Ty and she discuss it at some point. 

Renee says that she has no hard feelings about the vote, but that Hope can’t do that this week, whoever Kuzie wants to go, they must vote them out. Hope agrees. They also discuss not being worried about Santina in the game, which seems to imply they want to vote out who goes up after Hope uses the Veto — presumably on himself. Renee seems to suspect that Zach may be the replacement and wants to take this shot. 

Big Brother Canada 11 Live Feeds (3/26/26)

Zach is shocked when Ty tells him that Kuzie wants to nominate him. He can’t believe it and Ty blames it on the way Zach tried to influence Kuzie to not take out Dan this week. Hopefully, Kuzie sticks to her plan to nominate Zach, but I worry that now that Ty told Zach, he’ll go into overtime to keep himself safe.

If Hope uses the Veto to save Santina, the move may even annoy people enough to just vote out Hope instead of Zach or Dan. Even if Zach ends up on the Block, since Daniel is so attached to him, he may be one of his votes to stay, so the votes may be closer than they should be to keep Zach.

The Power of Veto Ceremony wasn’t shown on this Digital Daily, so likely we’ll see it on tomorrow’s Digital Dailies.

Big Brother Canada 11 Live Feeds (3/26/26)

Should Kuzie backdoor Zach this Big Brother Canada 11 week?

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