Who Went Home Tonight on Big Brother Canada 11? (3/23/23)

Big Brother Canada 11-Zach

Big Brother Canada 11 decided to end its Wednesday episode on a cliffhanger. Emotions ran high as Zach and Vanessa got into a bit of an argument. He criticized her for being an emotional player and person. She overheard this comment and then called him out on it. She also exposed his plan to try to get Roberto on the Block last week. This led to all eyes on Zach.

Later, Santina questioned Zach for manipulating people, including herself when she decided to target John Michael last week. Santina wasn’t willing to let Rob go without seeing if she could save him. She even warns him that Zach plans to use the Veto and have Dan nominate him this week.

Jonathan found himself distraught by losing Rob, who he considers his ride-or-die in the game. He also considers Rob a brother inside and outside the game. Jonathan told Santina that he may try to get himself put on the Block instead of Rob.

Those who only watch the episodes had no clue whether Jonathan or Rob would end up on the Block. However, things still didn’t look good for Rob.

Let’s get to this week’s Big Brother Canada 11 eviction recap.

BBCAN11 Week 2 Power of Veto Ceremony And Fall-Out 

Who will ultimately find themselves on the Block this week after Zach uses his Veto? Will he even use it? If not, will Renee go home or will it be Hope?

Zach and Ty coach Dan on how to approach nominating Rob after the Power of Veto Ceremony. Ten minutes before the Power of Veto Ceremony,  Dan tells Rob that Hope will come down and he’s going up. He warns him and Ty that Zach is running the game.

Zach uses Veto to save Hope. Dan nominates Roberto as his replacement.

However, Dan proceeds with the plan, but he starts to worry that Zach may have played him. Santina and Rob discuss how frustrating this move is because everyone is playing Zach’s game. Claudia, Shanaya, and Renee celebrate because this is a good move for them.

Jonathan feels betrayed by this vote and no longer plans to work with Zach and Ty. Vanessa thinks they can get the votes to keep Rob. They just need to get Hope to vote with them.

Rob campaigns to Hope and Daniel, but he doesn’t know what’s the best move for his game. Renee then makes a pitch to Daniel. He wants them to form something solid because he doesn’t want the men to run the game. Renee says that they should let the guys implode and they take over. Jonathan pitches to Kuzie and Anika to keep Rob to have the numbers to take over. They shift to keeping Rob.

Zach then confronts Jonathan about saying his name. Anika tells Ty that she might not vote out Rob this week. He doesn’t like that Zach is causing so many issues but he wants to lock in Anika’s votes. Zach is still his number one ally.

Santina also tells Zach that she plans to vote for Rob to stay.

BBCAN11 Week 2 Eviction Votes

Who will ultimately leave the Big Brother Canada 11 house this week?

Anika voted to evict Rob.

Claudia voted to evict Rob.

Daniel voted to evict Rob.

Hope voted to evict Renee.

Jonathan voted to evict Renee.

Kuzie voted to evict Rob.

Santina voted to evict Renee.

Shanaya voted to evict Rob.

Ty voted to evict Rob.

Vanessa voted to evict Renee.

Zach voted to evict Rob.

Rob is evicted 7-4.

BBCAN3 Head of Household Results

We have to wait until Tuesday to see the Head of Household Competition play out.

Other Stuff

The drama continues before the eviction

  • Zach and Vanessa make up for their argument.
  • The houseguests race around the house to find more Wendy’s points. Dan and Daniel are both now currently leading the Wendy’s points tally.

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