Big Brother Canada 11 Spoilers: Week 3 HOH Results

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This week, the Big Brother Canada 11 house didn’t get a big game flip. Instead, the status quo remained but that doesn’t mean that this week will be boring. It could go two very specific ways. Santina, Hope, Jonathan, and Vanessa took a chance by voting out Renee instead of Roberto.

This puts a massive target on their backs. If anyone wins the Head of Household besides them, then two of them will likely see the Block this week. However, if any of them win the Head of Household Competition, then expect them to likely try to get Zach out of the game this week. Dan also may become a target because of his competitive advantage. 

Kuzie, Anika, and Daniel are comfortable playing the middle, so I would be very surprised if any of them actually tried to win the Head of Household. The only thing that might make them perform well is if there is a disadvantage — like becoming a third nominee — this week. 

As per usual because of the lack of Big Brother Canada 11 Live Feeds, we had to wait for the Digital Dailies to find out who won the Head of Household but now we know. 

BBCAN11 Week 3 HOH Results

  • Kuzie won Head of Household!

This is a shocking development because this means that she has to show her cards. I am curious to see who she ends up nominating and targeting. I would suspect maybe Santina and someone else. Dan has also been on her radar so she may try to take him out this week.

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