Big Brother Canada 11 Spoilers: Zach And Ty Disagree On Who To Try To Save

Big Brother Canada 11 Live Feeds (3/24/26)

Zach and Ty have basically been together ever since Big Brother Canada 11 began. They are definitely each other’s ride-or-die and final two plans. Zach has been playing a more obvious game, while Ty has tried to keep his plotting more in the background. Nevertheless, everyone is aware that the two men are working together…at least for now.

This week may present Ty and Zach with their biggest alliance test. Neither of them is the Head of Household but they still believe they have influence over the Head of Household’s decisions. Only time will tell if this is true.

Kuzie wants to take a shot at Santina or Dan this week. Her primary target is Santina but Dan is a very real backdoor possibility. Ty wants to keep Santina because he sees her as an asset to his game. Zach suspects that Santina and him cannot work together anymore. He would prefer if she left the game this week.

Ty really doesn’t want to lose Santina, but Zach is trying to sell him on the idea of swapping Dan for Santina. Ty wants Dan out. He also knows that Dan benefits Zach’s game but not his game. The Big Brother Canada infamous gummies came out as Zach and Ty discussed who to try to get out this week.

Big Brother Canada 11 Live Feeds (3/24/26)

Zach tried to make Ty realize that if Santina remains on the Block,  then she will leave because too many people are against her now. Ty let Zach know that Kuzie may nominate Dan if Santina or Vanessa comes off the Block. Zach said that would be a bad move because Dan is now closely aligned with Shanaya, who is tied to Claudia and Renee. It would be a war declaration taking out Dan.

He also thinks that they can use Dan. Ty disagrees. Zach then listed who he believes has the potential to make big moves. He listed maybe Claudia, then Santina, Kuzie, Daniel, Hope, Jonathan, and themselves. He sees everyone else as basic followers. They aren’t a threat to them because they won’t try to take out big players.

Zach also suggested that they take out Jonathan if the nominations have to change because of the Veto. He doesn’t think taking out Dan or even Renee is the best move to not officially draw a line in the game. Ty said they need numbers and taking out Santina is taking out another one of their numbers and giving the other side the majority.

Zach disagrees. He thinks that Dan becomes one of their numbers because of his relationship with him. They both see it as them, Kuzie, Hope, and then Dan and/or Santina. However, Zach just doesn’t think he can work with Santina because she will want him out. Ty really didn’t want to take Santina or Jonathan out this week. He thinks that Jonathan is more of a dividing game force because of Claudia and Jonathan’s friendship.

Big Brother Canada 11 Live Feeds (3/24/26)

He believes that he can get Jonathan back to their side. Later, Zach said the only way he would not consider taking out Santina or Jonathan this week is if Ty can convince Santina to work with them. She then needs to get Jonathan to work with them as well, which would give them the numbers again.

Ty then started questioning Santina about her relationship with Jonathan. He also asked her if she thought she could work with Zach again. She said she was open to it, but Zach and she have a communication problem. She doesn’t like the way he speaks to people and it makes it hard to communicate with him.

Santina basically said she was on board to get the gang back together but wanted to talk to  Kuzie herself to try to stay off the Block. She then talked to Kuzie, who reassured her that if she went on the Block it was because she saw her as a threat and not because of her vote or anything that happened last week. Once Santina left, Kuzie confirmed (to the cameras) that Santina is indeed her target.

Ty came in after and tried to pitch the idea of a new alliance with Kuzie, Ty, Zach, Santina, Hope, and Jonathan. Kuzie said that she just doesn’t think Jonathan will ever agree to work with them. He’s too upset about what happened to Rob, and he would never trust Zach. She also brings up that the last time this group was formed Kuzie wasn’t included, so why would she agree to this alliance?

Big Brother Canada 11 Live Feeds (3/24/26)

We didn’t get to hear the rest of the conversation but it very much seems like Kuzie wasn’t buying what Ty was selling. She will definitely go after Santina first (if she doesn’t have safety) and Dan next.  This small fraction in Ty and Zach’s alliance could open the door for someone to finally pull Ty away from Zach.

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