Big Brother Canada 11 Spoilers: The Head Of Household Sets A Target

Big Brother Canada 11 Live Feeds (3/22/26)

Basically, it’s been the Zach show since Big Brother Canada 11 started. Everyone in the game knows that Zach has taken control of the house and continues to work to take over it completely. However, no one wants to make a big move against him. The Big Brother Canada 11 houseguests had a chance to do this by keeping Roberto in the game.

They took the safe route by eliminating Rob. Now they have another chance to try to take out Zach and let the game open up a lot more, but that almost certainly won’t happen during this Big Brother Canada 11 week.

Kuzie is the new Head of Household. She knows Zach wants to run the game, but she’s close with Ty, which by default makes her close to Zach. She has no plan to target Zach or Ty, but she does want to take out one of Ty’s allies.

Big Brother Canada 11 Live Feeds (3/24/26)

Kuzie is set on eliminating Santina this week. There are only three ways that Santina may make it to fight another week in the game. The first is if Canada votes to save Santina, the second is if Santina wins the Veto, and the third is if she gets the votes to stay over whoever sits on the Block next to her.

We haven’t seen much of Kuzie on the recent Digitial Dailies, despite her being HOH, but from what we have seen, Santina is very much her target. She even stated that Santina is her target when she was alone in the HOH room.  She said Santina was being so nice but she still had to send her out.

There are a few things that could stop Kuzie from targeting Santina this week, but Kuzie hasn’t trusted Santina since she chose to take out John Michael. Santina will very much remain on Kuzie’s radar unless something big happens. Nevertheless, we won’t know for sure if Santina remains her target until Monday’s Digital Dailies.

Big Brother Canada 11 Live Feeds (3/24/26)

Do you think Kuzie is making the right move by targeting Santina?

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