Big Brother Canada 11 Spoilers: Who Won Canada’s Safety Vote (Week 3)?

Big Brother Canada on Slice
Big Brother Canada on Slice

When Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox announced the safety vote in week one, we thought it would become a regular tradition for Big Brother Canada 11. We also thought the same for the last-place finisher automatically becoming a nominee. We were wrong about both. Instead, they both seemed like only a Big Brother Canada 11 week one thing.

However, during Thursday’s eviction episode, Arisa announced that Canada could vote to keep one houseguest off the Block. The last time there was an audience vote Claudia got safety from nominations, despite not really needing it.

Claudia winning the vote was likely because of her strong presence in the premiere episode and her talking about taking out the men. A Lot has happened since that episode, and most of Claudia’s content has involved her showmance with Ty. I don’t anticipate her winning Canada’s safety again this week.

Twitter and Facebook seem to be against Zach at the moment. Therefore, they may vote to give safety to anyone who voted for Rob to stay in the house. It could likely mean that Jonathan, Santina, Hope, or Vanessa win safety. Renee may also be an option to win safety because she has been on the Block the most in these last two weeks.

However, these Canada’s votes can be a bit of a wildcard, so who knows who will really get it. With Kuzie as Head of Household, the players who need it the most are Santina or Dan.

Let’s find out who won Canada’s Safety in week 3.

BBCAN11 Week 3 Safety Vote

  • Canada gave safety to Jonathan for the week. 

This isn’t 100 percent confirmed, but based on the fact that she’s no longer in the conversation of who to nominate and wasn’t nominated this week, it’s very likely that she won Canada’s safety. Actually, it was Jonathan, which we saw on Tuesday’s episode.Tuesday’s episode.

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