Big Brother Canada 11 Premiere Week Episode 1: A New Game Begins

There has been a lot of anger surrounding Big Brother Canada 11. Many diehard Big Brother fans are (rightfully) upset that the Live Feeds are no more.  This means the game really doesn’t quite feel the same. The Live Feeds have been replaced with “Digital Dailies,” a shorter, not-all-access, more curated version of the Live Feeds. They will only show a selected few hours of content. Because Big Brother Canada made such a drastic decision, fans will need to rely heavily on the Big Brother Canada episodes to know what’s going on in the game.

Tonight’s Big Brother Canada 11 premiere could set the tone for the entire season.

There are a few things that happen during almost every Big Brother Canada premiere. First, it introduces us to the new houseguests.  Then it does some sort of competition to make players vulnerable to eviction or crown a new Head of Household. Next, it gives us enough to tune in to the next episode to see the first BBCAN eviction of the season. We expect this Big Brother Canada premiere to follow this pattern.

Let’s get to the first BBCAN11 episode.

We start the season with an introduction to the beautiful BBCAN11 house. beautiful BBCAN11 house. It’s all done in a very dramatic fashion and tease a special power to “flip the house upside down.”

Meet The Houseguests

Let’s meet the Canadians who will take over our TV screens for the next few months.

The first houseguests introduced are: Kuzivakwashe “Kuzie” Mujakachi, Zach Neilson, Santina Carlson, and Terrell “Ty” McDonald. 

The four enter and promise to keep each other safe. They even pinky swear on it. Immediately, Ty and Zach make a final two deal.

The next four to enter are Amal Bashir, Hope Agbolosoo, Jonathan Leonard, and Renee Mior.

The houseguests check out the the wall featuring past houseguests. Amal shows her superfan nature.

The next four up are Daniel Clarke, Anika Mysha, Claudia Campbell, and Roberto Lopez. 

The houseguests accidentally discover the new diary room.

The final four to enter are Dan Szabo, John Michael Sosa, Vanessa MacTavish, and Shanaya Carter.

The first twist of the season is that whoever gets last will automatically get nominated. The HOH will still nominate but it will be three nominees. Also, no one will go home this week. For this competition, the houseguests have to pair up to compete.

BBCAN11 Week 1 Head of Household Competition

Who will escape eviction and hold the most important BBCAN position this week?

For this week’s competition, it plays out in two parts. The first part involves working with a team member to assemble a puzzle that makes an invitation. The team that wins this round must then go head to head in the second round for HoH.

The team in last place also face off to not place last place, and risk that consequence.

John Michael and Santina debate whether to win or not, but ultimately decide to go for it. One of them will become the Head of the Household.

At the end of the episode, Arisa also announces that there is a vote to keep someone safe from Thursday’s first eviction.

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