Big Brother Canada 11: Details On The Digital Dailies

Big Brother Canada 11 has one major change already: no BBCAN Live Feeds. It’s a change that has caused an overall negative reaction from some of the most dedicated Big Brother Canada fans. Big Brother just doesn’t feel the same without Live Feeds. In February, BBCAN made the announcement about Big Brother Canada switching from Live Feeds to something known as “Digital Dailies.” 

The producers didn’t add much clarification on what Digital Dailies entailed, their frequency, and any other important information. This led to speculation and confusion. Mainly, people were upset that they would be prohibited from any real insider content or knowledge about the BBCAN house beyond the episodes. 

After weeks of speculation, we finally have a little bit more clarity on the Digital Dailies. Big Brother Canada 11 host and producer Arisa Cox spoke to the Silent Podcasts about the upcoming season and gave a clearer picture of Digital Dailies.

She talked about it being more than short clips. In fact, hours of Live Feeds will be uploaded each week to the BBCAN official website. She compared it to Big Brother After Dark, which used to air hours of Big Brother US content every night. However, from what Arisa said, the Digital Dailies won’t be live footage from the house. Instead, they’ll be curated content chosen by the producers to upload each week.

You can watch the full interview on the Silent Podcasts’ Youtube page. Honestly, learning that the Digital Dailies will at least be hours of footage each week makes me feel slightly better about the elimination of the Live Feeds. However, we’ll have to see how it all unfolds.

Arisa gave BBCAN fans some hope by saying that this was the plan for now but didn’t completely rule out the return of Live Feeds in the future. Arisa also explained that the aim is to tell the full story and hopes the Digital Dailies will provide more context for certain moves and decisions. 

Will you be watching the Big Brother Canada 11 Digital Dailies? Let us know in the comment section.

If you decide to skip the Digital Dailies, no worries because depending on the actual content, we’ll be posting recaps of them throughout the week. 

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